Press Releases from THiNKaha

May 20, 2023: Credibility Nation Announces Dates for the Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp for the Remainder of the Year
May 04, 2023: New Book “Do You Speak Patient?” Offers Actionable Communication Tips for Healthcare Professionals
May 02, 2023: Empowering Female Executives: Mastering ChatGPT for Business Success
April 23, 2023: New Release On Kindle: When You Think About Quitting, Think About Why You Started
April 21, 2023: Author Thomas A. Schmidt Inspires Readers to Persevere in New Book, “When You Think About Quitting, Think About Why You Started
March 15, 2023: Discover Your Purpose and Unleash Your Potential: Join our Upcoming Webinar
February 08, 2023: The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp: Find Your Purpose and Reinforce Your Presence
January 04, 2023: Mitchell Levy Featured On Top50 B2B Thought Leaders & Influencers To Work With In 2023
December 12, 2022: Credibility Nation Announces a Membership Fee Increase Will take Place in January 2023
November 30, 2022: The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp Is Live on December 2
November 18, 2022: Mitchell Levy Coaches In Style With His Fedora
September 23, 2022: Thinkers360 Recognizes Credibility Nation Founder Mitchell Levy with a Top Ten Badge for Business Continuity
August 30, 2022: The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp From Mitchell Levy is Back At It Again To Help People Be More Credible
July 12, 2022: Entrepreneur Jeffrey S. Davis launches third edition of “The 24 Hour Turnaround;”compelling inside look at the strategies and thinking of seven business leaders is a “must read” for all entrepreneurs
July 12, 2022: The 24 Hour Turnaround (3rd Edition) Now Available On Amazon
July 05, 2022: 5 Things To Focus On To Be Seen As Thought Leaders
July 04, 2022: Got a Credibility Question? Credibility Nation Urges You to Ask Dear Credibility Expert
June 28, 2022: Credibility Nation Announces the September 1st & 2nd Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp
May 25, 2022: The Importance of Having a CPoP (Customer Point of Possibilities)
May 25, 2022: Mitchell Levy In the Top 200 Leadership Voices to Watch in 2022
May 06, 2022: ‘Prepare For The Real World: The World Is Not A Safe Place’ Hits The Market
April 26, 2022: Mitchell Levy and Lucas Root Announce The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp to Be Held on June 2 and 3
April 21, 2022: Ace Mastermind Hosted By Credibility Nation
March 7, 2022: Credibility Bootcamp For Businesses Set To Kick Off On March 7
February 1, 2022: Mitchell Levy from Credibility Nation Gives TEDx Talk On Restoring Credible Behavior In Humanity
January 25, 2022: Mitchell Levy From Credibility Nation – “We Are Losing Our Humanity” At TEDx Tenaya Paseo
January 12, 2021: Are you up for a challenge? Credibility Nation’s 1st Ever 5-Day Challenge is Happening Soon!
January 8, 2021: Continuously Improve Business Operations with John Ballis’s “Rapid ROI: Mobilizing a Sustainable Improvement Journey”
December 23, 2020: Credibility Evaluation of President Trump and President-elect Biden
October 8, 2020: Know the Key to Sales Success with C. Lee Smith’s “SalesCred™: How Buyers Qualify Sellers
September 24, 2020: Grow your Business and Happiness with the Power of Credibility!
September 17, 2020: Do Well in Life and Business by Doing Good with Steve Rodgers’ “The IGI Principles”
August 31, 2020: Become Masters of Change and Transform Your Business with Thomas White’s “Transformational Leadership”
August 28, 2020: Find Your Strength And Enthusiasm To Succeed with Fox Beyer’s “Adapt And Maintain Enthusiasm In Adversity”
August 19, 2020: Milestone Achieved: We Hit 500 Credibility Interviews!
July 16, 2020: Increase Your Bottom Line by Avoiding Toxicity and Hiring Rainmakers With C. Lee Smith’s “Hire Smarter, Sell More!”
July 6, 2020: Populate Your Sites with Compelling, Evergreen Content from the AHAthat Platform
May 27, 2020: Knowing Your Superpowers Is the Key to Your Success in a Changing World
May 13, 2020: How We Can Be Greater Together: Want a Happier, More Meaningful & More Productive Life?
April 23, 2020: 300 Credibility Episodes in Thought Leader Life — A Milestone of Sharing Credibility!
January 16, 2020: How to do Business in Today’s World With Success North Dallas’s “We Texans Do Business With a Handshake”
August 29, 2019: Living Life to the Fullest With the Reflections from Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success”
August 22, 2019: Celebrating 50k AHAmessages That Inspire Others and Make the World a Better Place
August 19, 2019: Be a Successful Entreprenurse With “The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey”
August 15, 2019: Be a Master Salesperson and Discover the Secrets of Gaining Your Customers’ Loyalty with Ben Gay, III’s “Essential Sales Hacks from ‘The Closers Part Two'”
August 14, 2019: Speak the Life Theme of Your Prospects to Effectively Close a Sale with John Voris’s “Learn to Sell What They Are Buying”
August 8, 2019: Learn Positive Ways to Deal With Different Life Situations With “The Unofficial Potter Way of Solving Problems” by Olivia Kashti
August 5, 2019: Make Things Happen and Live a Successful Life With Karl D. Hughes’s “Hammering Out a Living”
July 25, 2019: Turn Your Engineering Design Projects into Successful Ones with Walt Maclay’s “Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects”
July 11, 2019: Honor Happy People Across the Globe With the “You Make Me Laugh” Language Book of AHAthat®
June 25, 2019: Live and work a successful life with Karl D. Hughes’s “Hammering Out a Living”
June 13, 2019: Know the Practical Tips to Effectively Connect With Prospective Buyers From John Voris’s ‘”Learn to Sell What They Are Buying.'”
June 11, 2019: Gain Insights on Leaving a Legacy by Living Out Your Passion and Purpose Through “Legacy: What It Means in Today’s World” by Mitchell Levy, Al Cole, Ben Gay III, Carmen Gentile, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Lisa McDonald, Lolly Daskal, and Marshall Goldsmith
May 18, 2019: Speak With Your Heart ThroughAHAthat’s Language Books: “Be at Peace,” “She Once Carried You in Her Arms,” “May You Be Comforted,” and “At Peace in Heaven”
May 16, 2019: Get Your Purpose Done by Becoming Efficient With the Help of Dr. Kaaren Douglas’s “Organize Your Day and Desk”
May 16, 2019: Build a High-Performing Sales Team with Diane Updyke’s “Building Your Sales Team”
April 18, 2019: Discover Your Full Potential with Caryn Ross’s “The Key to Being a Highly Successful Woman”
April 3, 2019: Live With a Purpose with Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
March 31, 2019: Stand Out to Become the Best Version of Yourself with Caryn Ross’s “The Key to Being a Highly Successful Woman”
March 28, 2019: Master the Ways of Motivating your People with Diane Updyke’s “Building Your Sales Team”
February 20, 2019: Overcome Challenges and Win Life Battles With Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil”
February 19, 2019: Learn the Five Important Factors to Check Before Deploying Ideas With Nick Temple’s “5 Checks of Working With a Marketing CTO”
February 18, 2019: Sunil Upadhye’s “Driving Results and Value as an Enterprise Agile Coach” Reveals Ways of Becoming a Dynamic Customer-Centric Coach to Help Businesses Excel
January 3, 2019: Discover Your Path to Success with “Moment of Signal” by Sreedhar Bevara
December 19, 2018: Be an Inspiration to Others Who Want to Be Successful With “Being a Catalyst for Success” by Bill Wallace
December 12, 2018: Learn the Value of Physical Networking in Today’s Era with “Mingle: The Art of Face-to-Face Networking in the Digital Era” by Steven David Elliot and Nick Cioffi
December 4, 2018: Discover What it Takes to be an Effective C-Suite Executive with “C-Suite Executives’ Guide to Success” by Lindsey Hayzlett, Mitchell Levy, and C-Suite Network Advisors
November 19, 2018: Learn the Ways on How to Be a Great Leader With Joe Phillips’s “You’re Crazy! How the Hell Are We Going to Do That?!”
October 31, 2018: Know Someone Who Loves the “Harry Potter” Series? “Hermione Granger’s Unofficial Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom” Is the Perfect Gift for them
October 23, 2018: Tap into Hermione Granger’s Mind and Learn Valuable Lessons in Life with “Hermione Granger’s Unofficial Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom”
October 11, 2018: Build Strong Interpersonal and Business Connections with Rhonda Sher’s “Converting Connections to Ca$h & Relationships to Revenue”
September 25, 2018: Build Business Value Quicker than Ever Before with Josh Jone’s “Don’t Knock It Till You Knock It”
June 19, 2018: Casey Lucius’ Scrappy Campaigning Has Everything You Need to Know About Leadership and Life on the Campaign Trail
June 11, 2018: Learn How to Command the Room, Connect With Your Audience, and Close the Deal With Laura Sicola’s “Maximize Your Leadership Influence”
June 1, 2018: Discover Your DNA, Engage Your People, and Design Your Future with Kimberly Wiefling’s “Inspired Organizational Cultures”
May 3, 2018: Redefining Traditional Leadership in a Global World
April 24, 2018: Learn How to Maximize NetSuite and Your Mobile Device With Ken Grohe’s “Leveraging NetSuite and Your Mobile Device to Make More $$$”
April 3, 2018: Strengthen Your Global Awareness and Be Excellent With Kimberly Wiefling’s “Inspired Organizational Cultures”
April 2, 2018: Discover the Future of Work With “Contextual Collaborations” by Steve Sudhir Chainani
March 13, 2018: Learn How to Transition From the Industrial Age to the Social Age With the Book, “BEing Seen & BEing Heard as a Thought Leader”
March 13, 2018: Discover Insights to Help You Take Your Message to the World with Joseph Ranseth’s “Go Ahead, Start A Movement”
February 20, 2018: Encourage Others and Say, “In All You Do, BE the Blessing,” in More Than 100 languages.
February 13, 2018: Spread Love! Learn To Say “I Love You” in 140 Languages
February 8, 2018: Impress Your Valentine! Learn to Say, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” in More Than 100 Languages
October 17, 2017: Increase Your AHAbooks’ Success With the AHAthat’s Marketing Package
September 1, 2017: Know the Positive Side of Getting Laid Off With Diana Layseca’s “The Gifts of Being Laid Off”
August 29, 2017: Be a Leader With “Leadership for Everyone” by Diane Dean and Lucy Freedman
August 24, 2017: Say “Go Forth and Do Good” in 100+ Languages and Help Make the World a Better Place
August 22, 2017: Be mindful today and stay in the now with “Daniel Gutierrez on Mindfulness”
July 31, 2017: Greet New People in Your Life by Saying “Welcome to the Family!” in More Than 100 Languages
July 28, 2017: Learn How to Develop Your Wealth With “Jeff Shavitz on the Power of Residual Income: You Can Bank on It”
July 26, 2017: Classic AHAmessages From Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”
July 17, 2017: Smile Your Way Through Life With Marge Powers’ “Something to Smile About”
July 14, 2017: Share the Positive Vibes and Say, “Have a Little Fun Every Day, Don’t Save It Up!” in 100 languages
June 30, 2017: Golf Course Operators Have an Easy-to-Read Tool They Can Use to Find Ideas to Increase Revenue
June 12, 2017: Improve Your Sales Performance with Jack Daly and Jeff Shavitz on Sales Success AHAs, 140 AHAmessages to Grow Your Sales
June 9, 2017: Want to Transition Successfully Into a Senior Leadership Role? Read “Unite!: The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders” by Sal Silvester
May 29, 2017: Broaden and Change Your Point of View about Memorial Day with the Newly Released Book from AHAthat
May 15, 2017: Discover How Amazing Entrepreneurs Succeed in Tough Times with Jeffrey S. Davis and Mark Cohen’s “The 24-Hour Turnaround (2nd Edition)”
April 11, 2017: Say “Thank You!” in over 100 Languages with Mitchell Levy’s AHAbook from AHAthat
April 5, 2017: Learn Why You Should Use AHAthat to be Quickly Recognized as an Expert in Your Space by Writing an AHAbook in Eight Hours or Less
March 14, 2017: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Socially by Sharing Nuggets of Wisdom from AHAthat’s “Irish Proverbs to Live By, 140 AHAs of Wisdom”
March 1, 2017: Embrace Changes and Discover New Possibilities with Grace Allison on Do You Have a Dream?
February 13, 2017: Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in over 100 Languages with the Newly Released AHAbook from AHAthat
February 8, 2017: Increase Your Online Presence by Embracing the Power of the Internet with Brad Friedman on “Digital Marketing”
December 27, 2016: AHAthat Released a Social Media Enabled eBook that is Great to Share This New Year!
December 22, 2016: Share Your Advice and Inspiration to President Elect Donald Trump
October 13, 2016: AHAblaster Kickstarter Successfully Ended at 250% of the Fund Goal and over 200 Backers
October 3, 2016: AHAblaster Kickstarter Exceeding campaign Goal with 156 Backers and 173% of the Fund Goal with 5 Days Left
September 20, 2016: AHAblaster Kickstarter Currently Exceeding Campaign Goal (150%)
September 6, 2016: Dare to Be Great – The AHA Guy, Mitchell Levy is One of the Speakers on the AuthorU Extravaganza
August 30, 2016: The AHA Guy, Mitchell Levy Spoke about How Thought Leadership is Morphing into AHA Leadership at Silicon Valley University
August 24, 2016: Learn How to Connect to Your Local and Global Community Successfully with “Social WE Media” by Carly Alyssa Thorne and Fred McMurray
August 16, 2016: Kickstarter to Fund a Marketing Automation Tool to Schedule Inspiration
August 15, 2016: Learn How to Ask Yourself the Right Questions to Alleviate the Guilt and Eliminate Unnecessary Bad Feelings with Marge Powers on “Stop Feeling Guilty”
May 20, 2016: You Should Have Awareness and Compassion in All Aspects of Your Life! Do You?
May 5, 2016: Mitchell Levy, CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha, Pens His 50th Book – An Amazing Collection of Traditional and AHAbooks
May 4, 2016: Learn How to Become a Leader of Impact within Your Sphere of Influence with Mark Deterding on “A Model of Servant Leadership”
May 3, 2016: The Reshoring Institute Shares Twitter-sized Quotes about Bringing Manufacturing Back to the United States
May 2, 2016: Become Proficient in Crafting Your Authentic Personal Branding Statement with Marge Powers’ Latest Aha Amplifier™ Book
October 2, 2015: Discover How to Turn Every Business Encounter Into a Mutual Win on “Tony Alessandra on People Smart in Business”
October 1, 2015: Learn How to Succeed in a Shifting Economy with Haydn Shaughnessy’s,Shift from the Aha Amplifier
September 23, 2015: Learn Small Business Marketing Tips and Tricks from the Latest Aha Amplifier Book
September 14, 2015: Do You Possess the Traits to Be a Truly Effective Leader? Scott Harrison Aims to Inspire Global Leaders While Raising Money for His Charity on the Aha Amplifier™
September 9, 2015: Is It Lonely at the Top? Top Executives Share Great Insights on Aha Amplifier™
September 3, 2015: How to Drive Business Success Through Innovation? It’s About Time to Level Your Business With This New Mindset
August 27, 2015: Jeff Shavitz Announces the Release of his Book, Size Doesn’t Matter via Amazon Day
August 13, 2015: CellarStone Authors a New e-Book Titled “#PayPeopleProperly” Top Quotes on 2015 Trends in Total Compensation Rewards
July 28, 2015: Learn and Share Quotes by the Great P.T. Barnum on the Aha Amplifier™
July 23, 2015: Want Good Online Reviews? Learn How from Content Maverick TC Clark on the Aha AmplifierTM
July 21, 2015: 25k AhaMessagesTM from the Aha Amplifier™ can NOW be Shared via GaggleAMP
July 1, 2015: Successful Athlete Empowers Students with AhaBook on Student Athlete Branding
June 29, 2015: Jorge Zavala Talks All About Making Time in Social Media Enabled E-Book on The Aha Amplifier
June 25, 2015: Publishing Expert Judith Briles Crowdsources an AhaBook in 24 Hours on Creating Publishing Success with 7 Other Experts
June 19, 2015: The Women of ALPFA speak about Women & Latina Thought Leadership via the Aha Amplifier
June 19, 2015: Inspiration for single parents and those with special needs around the world is available from Miriam Slozberg ‘The Expressive Mom’ in her first AhaBook
June 16, 2015: #PHStudents rev it up on social media, hits 1,000+ shares on Aha Amplifier
March 19, 2015: Aha Amplifier Releases a Social Media Enabled eBook on Employee Thought Leadership
March 18, 2015: Social Media Enabled eBook on Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
March 17, 2015: Discover Personal Branding Tips for Today’s Top Executives from Aha Amplifier
February 26, 2015: Social Media Enabled eBook with Tweetable Bites of Enlightened Wisdom
February 26, 2015: 140 Ahas for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit from the Aha Amplifier
February 5, 2015: Social Media Enabled eBook with Aha Moments from Thought Leaders
February 4, 2015: 140 Insights to Get Unstuck, Get Going, and Get What You Want
February 3, 2015: Aha Amplifier Releases a Book of Aha Moments from “Thought Leader Life” Shows
December 23, 2014: 140 Ahas on Association Marketing from the Aha Amplifier
December 22, 2014: Learn How to Cultivate a Positive Public Image for Your Business on Social Media
December 17, 2014: The Great Accounting Cloud Land Rush
December 5, 2014: 140 Sharable Ahas on Inside Sales Success from the Aha Amplifier
December 4, 2014: 140 Ahas on Automating Data Mobility from Aha Amplifier
December 3, 2014: Discover the Importance of Being a Responsible Entrepreneur in this Aha Amplifier Book
October 15, 2014: Increase Your Profits at Every Turn with This Latest Aha Amplifier Book
October 14, 2014: Aha Amplifier Releases a Book of Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life Shows
September 26, 2014: Learn the Art of Producing Webinars That Work from Mike Agron via the Aha Amplifier
September 24, 2014: Aha Amplifier Releases Whale Path’s 140 Tips on How to Find Real Talent
August 26, 2014: Berrett-Koehler Author Community Seeks New Ways to Amplify Ideas
July 31, 2014: Aha Amplifier Releases Books to Amplify Messages for CBS’ Live Experiences Civil Rights, 50 Years Later and the Upcoming Movie The Hundred-Foot Journey
July 29, 2014: 140 Ahas on Transforming Potential Clients to Customers You Can Share Socially via the Aha Amplifier
July 11, 2014: 140 Ahas on the Importance of Pricing as a Profit Driver from Bob Bonacorsi’s Aha Amplifier Book
June 24, 2014: James Feldman’s Second Aha Amplifier Book Helps You Shift Your Thinking from “Why” to “WOW”
June 23, 2014: The Aha Amplifier from Thought Leader Architect Mitchell Levy is the Most Important New Tool You can Add to Your Influence Building Toolkit
June 19, 2014: Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life Shows via the Aha Amplifier
June 17, 2014: Alan Lattanner Shares Practical Insights to Make Your Own Luck Through an Aha Amplifier Book
June 12, 2014: Learn the Art of Committing to the Impossible Using 3D Thinking from James Feldman’s Aha Amplifier Book
June 5, 2014: Discover How to Grow Your Business by Leveraging LinkedIn and Other Social Apps from Kurt Shaver’s Aha Amplifier Book
June 4, 2014: Practical Tips for New Teachers Presented in these New Book from the Aha Amplifier
June 3, 2014: The Aha Amplifier Releases a book with Tips for Making a Strong Start on Your New Leadership Role
May 30, 2014: The Aha Amplifier Releases a Book with 140 Ahas on Sales and Marketing
May 29, 2014: Everything You Need to Know on Building, Managing, & Closing B2B Business is on this new Aha Amplifier Book
May 29, 2014: Explore Your DNA and Design an Inspired Organizational Culture with Kimberly Wiefling’s Book on the Aha Amplifier
May 28, 2014: The Aha Amplifier Releases a Book on Modern Selling the Social Way
May 27, 2014: The Aha Amplifier Shares 140 Proven Tactics to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence in Mark Amtower’s New Book
May 27, 2014: The Aha Amplifier Releases a Book on the Mechanics of Organizational Change
May 20, 2014: The Aha Amplifier Adds another Book on Creating Competitive Advantage through Social Business
April 29, 2014: THiNKaha Releases New Book on Creating, Implementing, and Winning with Strategic Pricing Strategies
January 21, 2014: THiNKaha® Announces the Acquisition of the Award-Winning 42 Rules® Book Series by Old Clayburn Marketing & Management Services, Inc.
November 26, 2013: The THiNKaha iTunes App Adds Another in-app book with 140 “Aha” Coffee Moments
November 19, 2013: The THiNKaha iTunes App Adds Another In-App Book with 140 Bits of Advice on Career Success
November 5, 2013: The THiNKaha iTunes App Adds Another In-App Book on How Principals Can Empower Thriving School Teams
November 5, 2013: The THiNKaha iTunes App Adds Another in-app book on How to be the Absolute Best Boss for Your Employees
July 23, 2013: THiNKaha Introduces New and Engaging Book Format to Its Upcoming Line of Releases
June 13, 2013: New THiNKaha Book Helps Students Prepare Themselves for Life in College
June 6, 2013: Happy About Announces Corporate Name Change to THiNKaha, Inc.
June 6, 2013: THiNKaha Releases New Book On Creating, Understanding, and Utilizing Thought Leadership
May 28, 2013: New THiNKaha Book Preps College Graduates for Life Outside Campus
January 8, 2013: New THiNKaha Book Addresses Critical Workplace Issue with Meaningful and Viable Solutions
December 4, 2012: New THiNKaha Book Improves Instructional Success with Novel Learner-Centric Training Model
November 7, 2012: New Book Provides Robust Guidance for Keeping Sales Pipelines Healthy in Challenging Times
October 8, 2012: A New THiNKaha Book Empowers Readers to Endure through Their Challenges to Success
September 26, 2012: New THiNKaha Book Gives Pointers for Adding Value to Small Businesses through Corporate Governance
September 21, 2012: Corporate Leaders Can Immediately Deploy Knowledge Management Expertise from This Brand New THiNKaha Book
August 7, 2012: Virtual Work Expert Lights the Way to Successful Remote Work in Her Compelling New THiNKaha Book
July 17, 2012: Plan…Present…Persuade…and get on the Path to Profit!
July 6, 2012: Expertly Manage Your Manager with #MANAGING UP tweet, a Brand New THiNKaha Book
June 28, 2012: Timely New Book, #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book04, Highlights Silver Lining to Corporate Turbulence
March 27, 2012: Put the Power of Google+ to Work for Your Business Today!
February 15, 2012: #POSITIVITY at WORK tweet, Published by THiNKaha, Offers Readers Insights on How to Maximize Productivity and Creativity by Engineering a Positive Workplace
December 14, 2011: #CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION tweet Book 01, Published by THiNKaha, Shares Best Practices on Communicating with Grace and Agility across Cultures
November 11, 2011: Cutting-Edge Crowdsourcing Book Demonstrates How You Can Leverage the Wisdom of the Crowd
November 1, 2011: Best-Selling Author and Management Guru, Michael Horton Polishes Business Wisdom for Today’s Manager with #SCRAPPY GENERAL MANAGEMENT Tweet!
October 28, 2011: Converting Leads to Sales: A Guide for Increasing Revenue in the 21st Century
October 24, 2011: Best-Selling Author and Strategist Offers Expert Guidance for Building and Nurturing Your Personal Brand
September 25, 2011: Powerful Life Lessons Pack a Punch for Young People in This Day of Social Media
July 26, 2011: Enhance Decision Making by Getting Your Spreadsheets Right!
July 21, 2011: Get Comfortable and Confident Handling Risk with New Direct-to-Action Book on Risk Management
July 19, 2011: Project Management Goes Business Savvy with Tweetable and Readable New Book!
June 7, 2011: Senior Ken Blanchard Consultant Releases Tweet-friendly Book on Creating Vibrant Corporate Cultures
May 17, 2011: #Socialmedia PR tweet: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas for Social Media Engagement
April 7, 2011: #DEATH Tweet Book 02 Shares Unique Message on Supporting Another at the End of Life
November 28, 2010: Learn How to Secure Your Online Privacy from a LinkedIn Diva
September 14, 2010: CEO Coach Gives 140 Quick, Easy Tips for Making a Difference with Coaching
September 8, 2010: Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott Shares Wisdom from his Playbook on Life Lessons
August 24, 2010: The Book #TEAMWORK tweet has 140 Quick Insights for Leading Successful Teams
August 18, 2010: How to Sell Your Book (Article or Event) by Its Title
March 19, 2010: Free webinar from America’s predominant executive coach and author Marshall Goldsmith

More Books Coming Soon
We are developing more books and book series.