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New THiNKaha Book Helps Students Prepare Themselves for Life in College

#MOVING OUT tweet is the latest book from THiNKaha that shares the personal insights of authors Gabrielle Jasinski, more about Eliza Lamson, Elizabeth Wassmann, and Hannah Miller. Written to help high school students prepare themselves for life in college, the book focuses on giving young individuals the tips they need to live away from home.

CUPERTINO, CA – June 13, 2013 – Leaving home is a frightening prospect for most young individuals, but for those leaving the nest for college, it can be an exciting and rewarding experience. #MOVING OUT tweet Book01: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Move to College, the latest book from THiNKaha®, gives incoming college students the insights and wisdom they need to ease their transition from the houses they grew up in to their college dorm room.

Written by college seniors Gabrielle Jasinski, Eliza Lamson, Elizabeth Wassmann, and Hannah Miller, #MOVING OUT tweet draws from their fresh and personal experiences through 140 bite-sized ideas that are both practical and insightful. Having left home themselves no more than four years ago, the authors provide a relevant take on entering college life. They cover the whole gamut, from enjoying your high school senior year to setting out your long-term college plans.

The book presents readers with various “‘aha’ moments” that encapsulate the authors’ rich ideas into short, tweetable words of wisdom. Aha #7, for example, encourages high school seniors to “start thinking about what you love to do, and what classes you like. This could lead you to your major.” At the same time, however, aha #74 cautions college freshmen from overextending themselves. “Don’t join too many extracurricular activities at once,” the authors advise. “Give yourself time to adjust to school life before joining every interesting club.”

The book includes a foreword from author and Santa Clara University professor, Michael S. Malone, who praises the young girls for their dedication and hard work in bringing #MOVING OUT tweet together. “The wisdom on these pages is hard won,” he writes. “The authors have gone to great lengths to convey that knowledge in the most practical way possible.”

Ron Hansen, author of She Loves Me Not: New and Selected Stories, commends #MOVING OUT tweet for its ability to connect not only with students but with parents as well. “As clever as it is practical, #MOVING OUT tweet is not just useful and candid advice for students, but is also a joy for grads and parents to read,” he says. “I highly recommend it.”

John Klasen, a counselor in Glenbrook South High School, calls the book “an invaluable resource for any high school senior.” But he also recommends the book as a great reference for high school counselors who need to prepare their students for the next phase of their life. “The nuggets of information are well organized and address all the major concerns that students have regarding the daunting college process,” Klasen writes. “I think it is a book that every guidance counselor should have as required reading for their seniors.”

For the millions of high school students preparing for college, #MOVING OUT tweet is a great way to get into the right mind set for life away from home. But for families, counselors, teachers, and friends that are sending them off, #MOVING OUT tweet also becomes an enriching guide in helping them with that process.

About the Authors:

Gabrielle Jasinski is from Chicago, Illinois, and studied English at Santa Clara University. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, writing, and trying new food. Jasinski spent four months studying abroad in Rome, where she found a passion for travel and learning about new cultures. She has kept a travel blog and a food blog and also enjoys writing ?ction and non?ction stories. Jasinski enjoys spending time with friends and family while watching the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Blackhawks. She hopes to one day teach English abroad.

Eliza Lamson was born on the East Coast, but now lives in Pleasanton, California. She studied English at Santa Clara University. Lamson’s main passion is traveling, be it just around the Bay Area or to foreign countries. Her hobbies include hiking and camping, reading, photography, exploring new places with friends, and playing with her golden retriever, Mango. Lamson writes for Metro News, has kept a blog, and writes non?ction and ?ction short stories. She is a lead tutor at the HUB Writing Center at Santa Clara University and is the scene copy editor for the Santa Clara. Lamson has also worked as non?ction editor of the Santa Clara Review.

Elizabeth Wassmann is from Glenview, Illinois. She studied English and anthropology at Santa Clara University. She is a writer for the Santa Clara and works for the Santa Clara University alumni magazine. Wassmann enjoys reading and playing with her dog, Raisin. She studied abroad in Rome and worked in Indonesia during the summer of 2012.

Hannah Miller was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. Her hobbies include acting and playwriting, traveling, and cheering on her favorite sports teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox. Miller spent four months studying abroad in London. She has worked for Santa Clara University’s literary magazine, the Santa Clara Review, doing public relations and marketing. Miller also has event planning experience at Silicon Valley’s beloved Churchill Club, as well as teaching and directing for nonpro?t organizations ArtsReach and Bay Area Shakespeare Camps.

About THiNKaha:

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TITLE: #MOVING OUT tweet Book01
SUBTITLE: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Move Out to College
AUTHORS: Gabrielle Jasinski, Eliza Lamson, Elizabeth Wassmann, and Hannah Miller
PRICE: Paperback $19.95, eBook $14.95
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-61699-114-2 (1-61699-114-3)
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