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About THiNKaha

THiNKaha® publishes Credibility through Books, Courses, Credreels™, and Community Sites, as well as Corporate Programs. THiNKaha makes it easy to:

  • Have your Amazon Bestselling book and a one-hour course ghostwritten on a topic you have expertise in.
  • Createa vdeo that showcases your credibility that you can put on your LinkedIn profile and website to showcase who you are and your credibility to your audience.
  • Learn more about how you can live and work credibly, and be successful.
  • Get everyone in your company to learn more about, enhance, and demonstrate their credibility to boost the company’s overall credibility.

To have us help your corporation amplify its credibility and thought leadership, please contact Jenilee Maniti at jenilee.maniti@thinkaha.com or call (408) 257-3000.

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