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Know the Key to Sales Success with C. Lee Smith's
"SalesCred™: How Buyers Qualify Sellers"

Learn how credibility can help you bring more buyers to your door and catapult your sales

CUPERTINO, CA – October 8, 2020 – In sales, there’s a lot of talk about qualifying the buyer. What’s the lead scoring say? Are they a marketing-qualified lead or a sales-qualified lead? Do they fit our ideal customer profile? Will they buy enough to become an enterprise account?

Perhaps you’ve gotten it exactly BACKWARD. Instead, you should be talking about how the buyer qualifies (and disqualifies) the seller. What determines whom they invite to compete for the business? Whom do they call or email back? And whom they share sensitive business information with? How the buyer perceives the seller has significantly more impact on whether a sale is made than how the seller perceives the buyer.

In this book, SalesCred™: How Buyers Qualify Sellers, C. Lee Smith tackles why having Sales Credibility is so vitally important. SalesCred™ gives you access to important people and information that ordinary salespeople simply can’t get. 

Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon. You can download the Kindle version of this book for FREE until October 11 Grab your copy now:

"I believe that sales, when done right, is a noble profession, but the industry needs a framework to make it easier for salespeople to learn how to be credible. This book discusses that framework, which is represented in The Hierarchy of Sales Credibility pictured below. The hierarchy is based on the work I have been doing at my firm, SalesFuel, for more than thirty years," says C. Lee Smith (, CEO of SalesFuel and author of SalesCred.

"As I was in the midst of pulling together a movement centered on credibility, I got to talk to C. Lee Smith. He was just into it, and now, he wrote a book on sales credibility! Never before has credibility been talked about in such an important aspect of business. His book, SalesCred™, is such a powerful book loaded with insights, which are backed up with data, on how salespeople can become more credible and more successful. This is a book you're going to want to read."

Here are five (5) notable AHA messages that you can share with others:

  • Credibility is the master key that unlocks the sales process. Every stage, whether it be connecting, discovery, solving, or closing, becomes much easier when your prospect perceives you as credible. #SalesCred

  • A salesperson without credibility is not only at a competitive disadvantage today, they’re at risk for being replaced by AI tomorrow. #SalesCred

  • Salespeople can build their credibility with what they say, how they say it, what they do, and what others say about them. #SalesCred

  • The bigger the sale or the more complex your solution is, the more credible you need to be. #SalesCred

  • Your credibility is worth much more than any sale. Never compromise your principles, even if a competitor is doing it. You'll feel great about the deals you've won, and you'll win friends, which leads to even more sales. #SalesCred

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