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Learn How to Connect to Your Local and Global Community Successfully with “Social WE Media” by Carly Alyssa Thorne and Fred McMurray


CUPERTINO, esophagitis CA – August 24, erectile 2016 – In the world of social media, no rx there are plenty of channels where you can connect and expand yourself and your business to people from all around the globe. Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Twitter are just some of the various social media networks that you can use to collaborate and communicate with others. The question is: do you know how to properly use social media as an effective tool to optimize your business or to improve your online presence?

Social Media – a phrase being thrown around a lot these days. It is a relationship-centric activity that allows people, organizations, and companies to create, share, or exchange ideas, information, and career interests in virtual communities and networks. It means social, thus requires a two-way conversation and relationship – you and your audience! It is also at the top of the lead generation funnel in the world of marketing.

Carly and Fred have made a handy book with 140 valuable quotes that serve as a go-to source for social media and social media marketing tips. They discuss different topics ranging from content creation to multimedia usage, and online reputation management. This book is a great guide on how to build accountability, collaboration, and transparency for your brand and your audience. It makes your social media engagement profound while also having fun doing it!

“Social media can take your personal brand far; therefore, it helps in achieving greater ROI. Social WE Media is a great avenue for those who want to participate in the social graph for business reasons. It has tweetable quotes that help individuals and business owners facilitate the process of relationship building. It has successfully put back the WE in social media,” says Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs and CEO of THiNKaha.

If you want to make conscious business collaborations locally or even globally, then this book is just right for you. It gives you the right techniques on how to engage and connect effectively with others. Take the step today to get, read, and implement it!

Here are some of the vital AHAmessages™ from this book:

  • Engagement means taking the time to comment on others posts & respond to comments on yours. #lln @linkedlocalnet @CarlyAThorne

  • Take the time to acknowledge & Thank those who comment & reply on your posts. #lln @linkedlocalnet @CarlyAThorne

  • Social Media is a GLOBAL platform; therefore, be sure to share content that is understood globally. #lln @linkedlocalnet @CarlyAThorne

  • Make sure to post lots of resources & tools that you yourself use. #lln @linkedlocalnet @CarlyAThorne

  • For more SEO juice, upload original videos to your platforms; don't just post links or embeds. #lln @linkedlocalnet @CarlyAThorne

Social WE Media is a part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AhaMessages. Increase your influence by picking up the AHAthat to easily share Social WE Media’s quotes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ at or get its other format through the following link:

Kindle version:

Do you have anything that you want to share, or do you have life-encouraging tips that you think can help other people? Then consider making a book about it as an option. Let Mitchell and his team teach you how. You may reach them at or call (408) 257-3000.

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