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The Women of ALPFA speak about Women & Latina Thought Leadership via the Aha Amplifier

CUPERTINO, phlebologist CA – June 19, pathopsychology 2015 – Latina professionals who have tirelessly worked to empower and create opportunities for all Latinos across the United States are now speaking out about #ThoughtLeadership in their first AhaBook published on AhaAmplifierTM(

Recognized for their contribution to the success of the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA), page seven esteemed leaders of the Women of ALPFA co-author the AhaBook which contains 140 amazing AhaMessages about empowerment, leadership and women's role in advancing the welfare of Latinos in America.

Ileana Musa, Suri Surinder, Paula A. Garcia, Elizabeth Diep, Toni Riccardi and Migdalia Diaz shared their insights with social marketing guru Lori Ruff and CEO and Chief Aha Instigator at THiNKaha (, Mitchell Levy, in a series of interviews on Thought Leader Life (

AhaMessages pulled from the interviews make up the content of the Women of ALPFA on Thought Leadership AhaBook published this June on the AhaAmplifier™.

"The AhaBook is a source of inspiration and motivation for Latino professionals and everyone else who are aiming for success in business and life,” said Mitchell Levy. 

In the AhaBook, the women of ALPFA speak about leadership skills, career development, coaching and mentoring, and networking opportunities for today's women professionals.

One AhaMessage from the book reads: If we want America to maintain strength &economy, we need to empower people in all demographics. @loriruff #TLL #ALPFA

This AhaBook is now available for free on the Aha Amplifier. Read and share additional AhaMessages from The Women of ALPFA on Thought Leadership from the AhaAmplifier at

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