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Do Well in Life and Business by Doing Good with Steve Rodgers'
"The IGI Principles"

Learn about the IGI Principles to Be Happy and Successful in Both Life and Business

CUPERTINO, CA – September 17, 2020 – Many entrepreneurs and business leaders today are seeking to bring a deeper Spiritual Intelligence and a greater consciousness into their business so as to benefit not just themselves and their customers, but the world as a whole.  We all desire to do work in the world that is successful, profitable, and guided and informed by our deepest values. However, it can be challenging for ambitious, action-oriented business leaders to balance maximizing profits while also nurturing their deeper purpose.

This book shares essential elements of the IGI formula such as forgiveness, gratitude, morality, service, and trust.  It explains how they can be expressed in your personal and professional life and why they are essential for success.  It also explores how simple practices such as accountability tracking, breath, prayer, and meditation can be utilized within a business setting to increase happiness and productivity of everyone in the organization and help a business find and stay aligned with its deepest purpose as well as continue to drive ever-increasing profits.  

Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon. You can download the Kindle version of this book for FREE until September 21! Grab your copy now:

"By inviting goodness into our lives and living as an open-hearted offering of service, we open ourselves to unimagined personal and professional success, abundance, and fulfillment," says Steve Rodgers (, author of the book, The IGI Principles, and former Warren Buffett CEO.

"Steve is an incredible human. In his book, he shares all the insights and learning he's gained from his own journey in order to help others achieve happiness and success. The IGI Principles is a must-read for those who want to live and do business in a fulfilling and valuable way,” says Mitchell Levy (, Global Credibility Expert and The AHA Guy at AHAthat® (

Here are five (5) notable AHA messages that you can share with others:

  • When you fill your soul with more goodness and positivity, you can become a better leader and a better person. #InviteGoodIn

  • The decisions you make in your businesses should aid everyone in it whenever possible. These decisions often bring greater positive results. #InviteGoodIn #BusinessSuccess

  • Your good core values, vision statements, and mission statements should not just be plaques on the walls. Make sure you incorporate these acts in everything your business is doing at all levels to achieve #BusinessSuccess. #InviteGoodIn

  • Great learning, healing, and growth are some of the results of #FindingGratitude for even the most tragic things that happened in your life and business.

  • When placed in command, take charge. Always take the high road, always, and #DoTheRightThing to achieve #BusinessSuccess.

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