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Encourage Others and Say, "In All You Do, BE the Blessing," in More Than 100 languages.

Different ways to say, "In All You Do, BE the Blessing."


CUPERTINO, CA – February 20, 2018 – A blessing becomes bountiful when shared. It isn't always monetary, and it isn't always the material things. It could be in the form of time or effort. In all you do, be the blessing. We all have the capacity to help, no matter what mental state we're in. A little act of kindness could change a life forever.

Linda Stirling is an international bestselling author. Using her refined strategies, she coaches writers on how to create long-term, life-affecting income from their books and the opportunities that can arise from being an author. Her programs give writers the tools they need to get visible and stay visible, so they can entertain, motivate, inform, or inspire others.

Her publishing house, The Publishing Circle, is described as "embracing a new paradigm in publishing" because of the higher royalties and ongoing book marketing, among other differences.

Let everyone be reminded that we can be a blessing to others in our own little ways. Have a bigger reach and share the URL, This new AHAthat™ phrasebook, "In All You Do, BE the Blessing," comes with over 100 unique translations.

"Spread some love and facilitate kindness. For it is only in sharing/giving, where one finds pure joy," says Mitchell Levy @happyabout, The AHA Guy Thought Leader at AHAthat (

Below are a few of the "In All You Do, BE the Blessing" phrases translated in more than 100 languages that you can share from this book:

  • U svemu što radite, BE blagoslov. (In All You Do, BE the Blessing. in Croatian) @PublisherLinda

  • 在你所做的一切中,都是祝福。(In All You Do, BE the Blessing. in Chinese) — in more than 100 languages @PublisherLinda

  • तपाईं सबै मा, आशिष् साबित। (In All You Do, BE the Blessing. in Nepali) — in 100+ languages @PublisherLinda

  • Sa lahat ng ginagawa mo, MAGIGING basbas. (In All You Do, BE the Blessing. in Filipino) @PublisherLinda

  • An alles wat Dir maacht, BE Seng. (In All You Do, BE the Blessing. in Luxembourgish) @PublisherLinda

This AHAbook has over 100 translations of the phrase, “In All You Do, BE the Blessing.” Inspire others to be the blessing by sharing this via You can also check out other amazing phrasebooks here:

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