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THiNKaha Introduces New and Engaging Book Format to Its Upcoming Line of Releases

Thought leader creation firm, stomach THiNKaha, is rolling out a new and engaging format for its “‘aha’ moment” line of books, giving readers a quick and convenient way to remember their very own “‘aha’ moments’’ while reading.

CUPERTINO, CA – June 23, 2013 – Thought leader creation firm, THiNKaha®, widely recognized for its successful “aha” series of books, recently announced its decision to introduce a brand new book format to the series. The new format introduces printed spaces within the book that will allow readers to write down their own “‘aha’ moments” while reading.

The THiNKaha series are collections of 140 short, insightful, and inspirational statements (“ahas”) on everything from business to self-improvement. These bite-sized publications are targeted to busy professionals and active go-getters who simply don’t have the time to pore through lengthy publications, but still desire the opportunity to improve and educate themselves.

The reason behind the reformat is the fleeting nature of inspiration, THiNKaha CEO, Mitchell Levy, explains. “Our books are designed to inspire and empower our readers,” Levy says. “But we realize that inspiration strikes without warning. Some of the best ideas come out of nowhere, and we want to give our readers every opportunity to be able to note them down.”

The format, which would normally contain one to two ahas per page, will now allow for blank spaces that readers can note their own ideas and “‘aha’ moments” wherever they are.

Levy goes on to explain that this new format marks a dramatic change in the THiNKaha train of thought. The format will hopefully make the books more actionable, encouraging readers to apply these insights into their own lives by providing some of their own.

Levy assures readers that THiNKaha will continue to publish the same insightful and empowering content with the new book format. “Our core content won’t change,” Levy explains. “Readers will still be able to rely on the same quality insights and ideas we’ve always shared, with the added feature of being able to note their own insights and ideas while reading.”

Levy’s own book, #CREATING THOUGHT LEADERS tweet, will be the first THiNKaha publication to be adopting the new format. The book, written specifically for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional consultants, is designed to introduce readers to the idea behind thought leadership. #CREATING THOUGHT LEADERS tweet contains 140 short, practical, and insightful “‘aha’ moments,” all laid out in the new format that will allow readers to immediately note their very own “‘aha’ moments” right on the pages of the book. All future THiNKaha books will be adopting the new format as well.

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