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Broaden and Change Your Point of View about Memorial Day with the Newly Released Book from AHAthat


CUPERTINO, CA – May 29, 2017 – People observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries, joining parades, or holding family gatherings. It also marks the beginning of the unofficial summer hoopla. To focus on the importance of this holiday, AHAthat released a new book called Changing Your Point of View about #MemorialDay and the book lives up to its title. After reading just a handful of quotes from the book or reading it in its entirety, you will think much differently about this holiday.

“Despite the barbecuing, beach trips, and other unofficial start of summer vacation season, it is equally important to remember what memorable day is about. This book is a perfect read for those who would like to know the deeper meaning of Memorial Day in a fun and easy way,”says Mitchell Levy, the AHA Guy at AHAthat (http://AHAthat.com).

Memorial Dayis a federal holiday in the US for remembering and honoring those who died while serving the country’s armed forces. Originally known as Decoration Day, it started in the years following the Civil War, became an official American holiday in 1971, and is being celebrated every year on the last Monday of May.

The AHAbook Changing Your Point of View about #MemorialDay is comprised of 140 Twitter-sized quotes (a.k.a. AHAmessages) and is written by these five amazing authors:

  • Eddie Lazzari (@eddie_lazzari)

  • Andrew McDowell (@NeophyteITW)

  • Bennett Tanton (@BennettTanton)

  • Duane France (@ThCounselingVet)

  • Jeff Adamec (@JeffAdamec)

This book hit the #1 and #2 spot in Holidays and Custom Traditions categories respectively in Amazon Best Sellers Rank. You may also pick up a Kindle version for $4.99 (free on May 29th) at https://www.amazon.com/Changing-Your-Point-about-MemorialDay-ebook/dp/B0728BFW8C/.

Here are some of the inspiring AHAmessages from this book:

  • On #MemorialDay, I think about those whose lives have been spent and those whose lives ended in service to our country. @NeophyteITW

  • We celebrate the life of freedom you paid for with your life. We honor you the best way we know how. #MemorialDay @eddie_lazzari

  • "Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God." Let us never forget. #MemorialDay @ThCounselingVet bit.ly/2nOHb7I

  • Passing on knowledge from one generation to the next is paramount to maintain our republic. That includes #MemorialDay. @BennettTanton

  • You don’t have to get on a soapbox. However, you should take a moment to explain to kids what this day is for. #MemorialDay @JeffAdamec

To see and learn how to automatically share AHAmessages from this AHAbook, you may check out this video: https://youtu.be/2baaS5j2oTg. To know how to automatically share via the AHAblaster, please watch https://youtu.be/tz8UiQpTYKc.

Registeror use AHAthat as a guest to learn aboutChanging Your Point of View about #MemorialDayand start sharing AHAmessages with a click of a mouse at http://aha.pub/CYPOV-Memorial.

This book is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AHAmessages. Increase your online influence by going to AHAthat http://AHAthat.comand finding this book, or going to this AHAbook directly at http://aha.pub/CYPOV-Memorialto easily read and share AHAmessages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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