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Mitchell Levy, herbal CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha, Pens His 50th Book – An Amazing Collection of Traditional and AHAbooks


CUPERTINO, CA – May 5, 2016 – Are you an expert in your space trying to increase your influence? Do you have an idea or a story that matters to you which you think might also matter to others? If so, have you ever thought of writing a book?

Mitchell Levy, an author, speaker, and Chief Instigator of AHAs, works with companies and organizations to unlock the proficiency of the employee base to drive more business. He and his team make it easy for corporations to create compelling content that help turn their experts into recognized thought leaders.

“A mentor of mine once told me, if I wanted to be a successful consultant, a credible expert, I had to do at least two of three things: write a book, publicly speak, and teach at a university. So I did all three. I learned that this combination took an expert to a whole new level, which would open doors far beyond their imagination. I can say from first-hand knowledge, it’s a formula for ultra-success,” says Mitchell.

Today, in his over 25-year career, Mitchell has advised more than 500 CEOs and has provided strategic consulting to 100+ companies. He has helped people get the level of success they sought. He introduces the concept of an AHAleader, your own person curator and expert in his space who has written a book.

Together with other authors, speakers, and recognized experts, Mitchell has now published 51 books covering the topics of thought leadership, email marketing, company culture and transition, brand awareness, and more. Although he's written a number of traditional books, his latest passion is writing AHAbooks which are comprised of 140 well-thought-out messages that are Twitter-sized and are ready to share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ with just a click of a mouse.

Express who you are as a person, share your business strategies and marketing solutions, or refine your ideas through book writing. Start building your epitome today or let Mitchell and his team make one for you!

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About the Aha Amplifier™:

The Aha Amplifier is the first 100% curated thought leadership platform containing over 30k AHAmessages that are easily shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Over 95% of the AHAbooks (contain 140 AHAmessages) are free to read and share. The Aha Amplifier makes it easy to create, organize, and share your own thought leadership messages in digestible, bite-sized morsels. With this platform, anyone can: 1) Easily find and share content that their community is interested in. 2) Write a book and become a recognized expert among their community while expanding their reach. 3)  Make it easy for any fan or advocate to share their bite-sized morsels on social media. The experience of many authors is that they have been able to write their books in less than a day.

About THiNKaha®:

THiNKaha makes it easy to create compelling content that helps turn corporate experts into recognized thought leaders. THiNKaha services include: Curation for the Aha Amplifier, Thought Leadership Mentoring/Coaching, Book Publishing, Social Media, Traditional Media Coaching, Vetted Referrals, Producing and Repurposing Content for Shows like Thought Leader Life, and many other Thought Leadership Services, including the Creation and Support of Corporations' Thought Leadership Blueprints.

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