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You Should Have Awareness and Compassion in All Aspects of Your Life! Do You?

Daniel Gutierrez on Mindfulness, information pills authored by international business consultant Daniel Gutierrez, stomatology defines living in the moment and awakening to experience in a slim and handy book that only takes 15–20 minutes of your time


CUPERTINO, no rx CA – May 20, 2016 – Author, Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker, and International Business Consultant, Daniel Gutierrez, releases his new book titled Daniel Gutierrez on Mindfulness: Understanding How Being Present in Life Delivers Results. Published by THiNKaha®, this book reminds us that our lives do not lie in the past nor in the future. Life is only available in the here and the now.

Being acknowledged twice as Latin Business Magazine’s “Top 100 Hispanics,” Gutierrez inspires companies and individuals worldwide to make positive changes that lead to success. He knows that many times, we lose focus and become disconnected from our true intentions, and being mindful is one way of bringing us back into focus. Daniel Gutierrez on Mindfulness is an actionable book that contains 140 short, tweetable, and highly impactful ideas on attentiveness.

“Most people are forgetful. Their minds are caught in their worries, anger, fear, or simply not mindful of being there. They don't know where or how to get support, and when they are told of a solution, they typically won't spend the time to learn and implement it This THiNKaha® book addresses our attention deficit world with short 7-second sound bites that will inspire those who are seeking mindfulness and concentration – sources of true happiness in life,”says Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs and CEO of THiNKaha.

Are you a great leader, organizer, or communicator? Then drum up sentences that will knock on readers. Bring in your passionStudies show that 83 percent of us are stressed out and unable to cope with the surrounding world. Why? Because there’s just too much that is running in our brains. Daniel Gutierrez on Mindfulness teaches us why living in the “here” and in the “now” allows us to get ahead in life and be successful. Here are some of the influencing AHAmessages from this book:

  • The great thing about life is that every closed door is an opportunity for more love, appreciation, fun & connection. @MotivatorDan

  • Sadness, pain, sorrow, and loss are all part of the human experience. To not feel these emotions is to deny your humanness. @MotivatorDan

  • The more in-tune the person is with themselves, the more productive they are and the higher bottomline profit. @MotivatorDan

Daniel Gutierrez on Mindfulness is a time-wise, bite-sized book designed to recognize the happiness and blessings that are already present in our lives. All we have to do is to slow down, be aware, and be present – mind and body together! Start sharing Daniel’s AHAmessages with a click of a mouse at or get its other formats through the following links:

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