Press Release

Sunil Upadhye’s “Driving Results and Value as an Enterprise Agile Coach”
Reveals Ways of Becoming a Dynamic Customer-Centric Coach
to Help Businesses Excel

Becoming an effective enterprise agile coach to pull customers toward the business and sustain a customer-obsessed culture


CUPERTINO, CA – February 18, 2019 – The rise of technological advances in this fourth industrial revolution era poses both risks and opportunities to business leaders. Thus, people on top should seize every opportunity to effectively communicate with their workers and customers. This can only be done by investing in work systems, both process and software, that will guide them in aggressively determiningthe company’s needs while being able to instantly provide the customers’ needs.

Sunil Upadhye is an enterprise agile coach with decades of experience in the field of information technology and commendable business leadership through agile transformation. “Driving Results and Value as an Enterprise Agile Coach” reflects his passion for business innovation. He wrote over 140 AHAmessages® that agile coaches need to embody to capture the interest of their valued clients and continuously provide solutions for the customer’s ever-changing needs and requirements.

In this AHAbook®, Sunil presents the impact of servant leadership in the business as not just merely controlling and commanding a team but also deeply understanding the issues that could make or break the people and the business. He lays down inputs on how an ideal enterprise agile coach should think in orderto be able to instill customer-obsession mindset to the team, letting each member of the workforce function as if they own the business. With Sunil’s AHAmessages to enterprise agile coaches, the business can proactively attend to the needs of their customers through strong and constant collaboration.

“Sunil Upadhye’s book is an eye-opener to enterprise agile coaches, as he has pointed out the key elements to drive results to the business. This includes, among others, an effective communication process within the business and toward the customers,” says Mitchell Levy, Global Credibility Expert and The AHA Guy and Thought Leader at AHAthat® (

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