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Know the Practical Tips to Effectively Connect With Prospective Buyers
From John Voris's '"Learn to Sell What They Are Buying.'"

It's time to drop the sales scripts to truly win the hearts of prospective buyers through authentic connection and communication.

CUPERTINO, CA – June 13, 2019 – The fourth industrial revolution has brought about huge changes in our present society. Understanding how consumer habits, preferences, and culture have also changed withthe age of social media will definitely helpa salesperson strategically change his selling approach. This is what John Voriswantsevery salesperson to see in order to be consistently effective in closing sales.

John Voris has long been a cold-call salesperson and has witnessed how selling approaches evolve through time. Today, he has used his observations, experiences, and learnings to create the book, '"Learn to Sell What They Are Buying,'" a highly effective tool for every salesperson to calculate and determine what the buyer is looking for.

'"Learn to Sell What They Are Buying'" is one of the top AHAbooks® published online to aid people in the sales industry in seeing the power of establishing an authentic connection with their prospect clients and buyers. This book provides ideas on how to optimize today's technology, social media, and available digital data to capture the identity, buying patterns, preferences,and various perspectives of consumers. The AHAmessages™ from this book introduce individual life themes — Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power — that buyers possess. Diving into the perspective of a buyer through these life themes will let a salesperson establish an authentic connection with the buyer and eventually serve them what they need.

'"John Voris is surely the best man to ask when it comes to effectively closing sales. He has mastered the art of drawing out the authentic identity of every consumer and start the selling process from there,'"says Mitchell Levy (, Global Credibility Expert and The AHA Guy at AHAthat® (

Here are five dynamicAHAmessages that are worth sharing to you and by you for your fellow salespeople as you aim to succeed in shaping your sales career:

  • Our individual life themes (Love, Justice, Wisdom, or Power) look at the same object from one of these perspectives. This is what motivates someone to purchase. #KnowYourProspects

  • There's typically a disconnect between what the manufacturer is selling and what the buyer is buying. They may both be viewing the world from a different theme (Love, Justice, Wisdom, or Power). #KnowYourProspects

  • In selling, your prospect is surrounded by previous decisions represented by objects of Symbolic Meaning. Do you know the symbolic meaning surrounding your prospect? #KnowYourProspects

  • A script is only good for a salesperson who is new to the industry and does not know what to say. Once the essence of the script is mastered, transform it into your language and deliver an authentic message. #KnowYourProspects

  • When you speak to your prospect using his or her #LifeTheme, you are in fact engaged in #AuthenticRapport. The prospect is hearing their own brand of descriptive reasoning. This promotes harmony, linguistic agreement, mutual understanding, and empathy. #KnowYourProspects

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