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Want Good Online Reviews?
Learn How from Content Maverick TC Clark on the Aha AmplifierTM

CUPERTINO, information pills CA – July 23, 2015 – Authentic reviews and testimonials are essential in business. When real customers let their satisfaction with your brand known to the world, that's the time your business gets noticed. But how do you get good online reviews from your customers?

In the AhaBook™ How To Get More Positive Reviews, content maverick Teresa "TC" Clark shares 140 techniques to do that, and more. Recognized in the industry as a straight-talking online content marketing expert, TC Clark has set her sights on helping businesses improve ways on getting authentic customer testimonials and reviews that will attract more customers.

"This AhaBook is an eye-opener for businesses who fail to notice mistakes in generating and using customer reviews. Customer-driven content is what we all strive to achieve and TC does a great job pointing us to the right direction," says Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator and CEO of THiNKaha.

Subtitled "Unique Ways to Market with Reviews and Testimonials", the book contains 140 Aha Messages™ that teaches how to ask your customers for testimonials in a way that they don't feel awkward.It also shares how to convert these great testimonials to sales.

Here are some of the great AhaMessagesTM from this book:

  • Important to have your clients say 'in their own words' what you want them to. @TCOnFireReview

  • When your #Testimonials start to sound the same, they lose the authentic feel. @TCOnFireReviews

  • Quoting a client in your presentation is more powerful than you just making a statement. @TCOnFireReviews

Start learning and start converting reviews to sales! Click on the link:

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