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Living Life to the Fullest With the Reflections from Napoleon Hill's
"The Law of Success"

Learn the basic truths in reaching life success through life-changing insights of positivity and self-confidence.

CUPERTINO, CA – August 29, 2019 – There is no definite measure to a man's success, but there are certainly numerous ways of getting there. The truth is… achieving success not only requires hard work but also conditioning of the mind and heart. Treading the road to success requires both purpose and plan, but first, a person must have self-confidence and determination.

The author of "The Law of Success" effectively laid down basic life inspirations that are easily relatable. People of different walks of life could ponder on Napoleon Hill's revealed truths about success, how to achieve it, and what hinders people from getting to the peak of their lives. As a motivational author, Napoleon Hill was able to compile multiple great thoughts from many successful people whomhe was able to meet and interview.

This AHAbook™ on the "Law of Success" is composed of 140 remarkably practical AHAmessages™ that are useful in life reflections. Whether you belong to the younger generation still in search of one's passion or an adult still questioning their purpose, these AHAmessages are the best set of inspirational thoughts that could make a huge difference in your life after reflecting on them.

"This book is a gem that every human being should read. 'The Law of Success' is a product of a motivated individual's work to become successful and help others hurdle life's challenges in a positive manner," says Mitchell Levy (, Global Credibility Expert and The AHA Guy at AHAthat® (

Here are five life-changing AHAmessages that you can ponder and share to your colleagues:

  • How to be #Successful? Transform your desires into a #DefinitePurpose, and back that purpose with a #DefinitePlan. #NapoleonHill #TheLawOfSuccess

  • A man's #GoodReputation exists outside of his own control, for it is only perceived in the minds of others. #NapoleonHill #TheLawOfSuccess

  • If you permit yourself to be persuaded by every piece of information that comes to your attention, you will never become an accurate thinker. #AccurateThinking #NapoleonHill #TheLawOfSuccess

  • How are habits formed? By repeatedly directing one or more of our five senses in a given direction. Establish a #GoodHabit. #NapoleonHill #TheLawOfSuccess

  • The best way to tell the world what you can do is by showing it. #ActionsSpeakLouder #NapoleonHill #TheLawOfSuccess

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