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Discover the Future of Work With “Contextual Collaborations” by Steve Sudhir Chainani

Learn great opportunities through the use of today’s various tools and technology


CUPERTINO, CA – April 2, 2018 – Have you ever found yourself rushing through a project due to misunderstood or delayed meetings? With today's advanced tools and technology that can improve communication, it’s time to discover the great opportunities that future technology can bring us, and take advantage of it to develop our processes of doing things! Learn the importance of contextual collaborations and how interacting and sharing information can improve us as an individual in our businesses and as a team.

Steve Sudhir Chainani is the founder and CEO of Milnaa Media Pvt. Ltd. ( He is the founder of award-winning, international technology firms across North America and Asia, spanning semiconductors, software and systems, e-commerce, and social media.

Steve has 25 years of relevant experience in startups, technology, marketing, finance, strategy, and leadership. His passion is creating forward-looking business models and implementing advanced web-based platforms to deliver innovative solutions.

Steve shares his amazing insights on this topic, so you can learn from the expert!

“In today’s generation, thanks to technology, we are given a great opportunity to collaborate with people from all over the world. Now it is in our hands how we process and handle our way of communication to achieve objectives and meet success. We need people, and to earn each other’s trust, we need to facilitate a successful collaboration and communication,” says Mitchell Levy @happyabout, The AHA Guy Thought Leader at AHAthat™ (

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  • The Future of Work is Contextual Collaboration!

  • The future of work is predicated on the evolution of tools that facilitate collaboration within teams.

  • Collaboration's a relationship where all parties strategically cooperate to achieve objectives. @Wikipedia

  • Context refers to the constraints of a communicative situation that influence language use. @Wikipedia via

  • #ContextualCollaboration is facilitated by having the platform to co-mingle your personal & business life.

About Milnaa:

Milnaa moves enterprises into the social domain. They enhance an organization’s tool set with advantages of operating in the social context – sharing, connectedness, collaboration, productivity, real-time communication, and community.

Their customers include any type of organization including small, medium, and large businesses; non-profits; schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutions; and any entity of aggregated individuals.

Milnaa launched their platform in the United States and India, with plans to expand globally. Users in India are Members of Parliament, political parties, businesses, schools, and individuals. Users in the United States are businesses, individuals, and other organizations.

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