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Be mindful today and stay in the now with “Daniel Gutierrez on Mindfulness”

Approach life in a more positive way by living in the present moment


CUPERTINO, CA – August 22, 2017 – We live in a world that is constantly trying to get our attention, making it difficult to focus in the present moment. Companies today are beginning to understand that a mindful workplace is a productive workplace. All it takes is allowing yourself to slow down, to become aware of your surroundings, and to be present in the moment. Mindfulness means knowing how to be at peace with yourself and seeking out the silence within you. When you do that, a new world opens up.

Daniel Gutierrez is an international business consultant, motivational speaker, radio personality, and author of, “Stepping Into Greatness: Success Is Up to You”. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us, he has transformed businesses and individuals all over the world. His appeal breaks the boundaries of profession, culture, and age.

This time, Daniel Gutierrez gives us an AHAbook that will teach us why living in the "now" allows us to get ahead in life and be successful. He reveals some of the most empowering ways to live mindfully, let go of fear, and follow your heart.

“Being mindful helps us appreciate what's happening right now without wishing it were different. We are able to enjoy the pleasant things in life without holding on to it when it changes and to be with the unpleasant things without fearing it will always be like this. Live in the present moment and take charge of your life,” says Mitchell Levy @happyabout, The AHA Guy Thought Leader at AHAthat™ (

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Here are a few of the motivational AHAmessages you can share from this book:

  • Never let someone tell you that you can't do something. @MotivatorDan

  • We have the power to accept the greatness within us. @MotivatorDan

  • The older you get, the more you come to realize that we are meant to live, not just merely exist. @MotivatorDan

  • Someone said I could. Someone said I could not. I smiled and said, "So what?" And did it anyway. @MotivatorDan

  • Stepping into greatness is realizing that we are all born in the image of greatness. @MotivatorDan

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