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How to Drive Business Success Through Innovation? It’s About Time to Level Your Business With This New Mindset

CUPERTINO, visit CA – September 3, 2015 – In these changing times, you must be innovative to adapt to the technological advancements and democratization of information with social media. Brace and grasp the new mindset in Channel marketing. This has led to amazing transformations within organizations and among business professionals.

To help you stay in the game, Aha moments were compiled and transformed into shareable AhaMessages, and became an AhaBook™ from thought leaders appearing on Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator and CEO of THiNKaha, with his co-host, Chris Kenton, Founder and CEO of SocialRep. The amazing evolution of this AhaBook™ Channel Marketing resulted in a collaboration from different thought leaders with valuable insights, including Chris Becwar, Senior Director of Marketing & Product of CCI Global Channel Management; Sridhar Ramanathan, COO of Aventi Group; Mike McDermott, SVP of Sales & Business Development at Primitive Logic; and Carol Meyers, CMO of Rapid7.

This AhaBook™, "Channel Marketing," which is subtitled, "Still Relevant in Today’s Thought Leadership World," contains 140 Aha Messages™ on the evolution of channel, the process of leveling up its function, and how channel partners can drive business success. It is of great value to think outside the box in order to thrive in the current business world.

Here are a few of the empowered AhaMessagesTM from this book:

  • Social media has changed control of the brand. @ckenton #TLL

  • To remain in the business today as a viable entity, it is essential that you continually reinvent your business. @CCIChannels #TLL

  • Thought leadership content is becoming lingua franca. @sramanathan #TLL

  • Outbound marketing is needed to hunt and find new clients for your partners. Are you executing well? @MikeMcDermott48 #TLL

  • What hasn’t really changed in the channel is how you value and nurture the relationships with your sellers. @CarolJMeyers #TLL

  • Life is changing dramatically, particularly with the democratization of influence that technology created. @happyabout #TLL

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About the Aha Amplifier™:

The Aha Amplifier is the only thought leadership platform with a built-in marketplace, making it easy to share curated content from like-minded thought leaders. There are over 20k diverse AhaMessages™ from thought leaders around the world. The Aha Amplifier makes it easy to create, organize, and share your own thought leadership AhaMessages™ in digestible, bite-sized morsels. Users are able to democratize thought leadership in their organizations by: 1) making it easy for any advocate to share existing content with their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ networks; 2) allowing internal experts to create their own thought leadership content; and 3) encouraging the expert's advocates to share that content on their networks. The experience of many authors is that they have been able to create their social media enabled AhaBooks™ of 140 AhaMessages™ in less than a day.

About THiNKaha®:

THiNKaha makes it easy to create compelling content that helps turn corporate experts into recognized thought leaders. THiNKaha services include curation for the Aha Amplifier, producing and repurposing content for the show Thought Leader Life, thought leadership mentoring/coaching, book publishing, webinar publishing, social media, traditional media coaching, vetted referrals, and many other thought leadership services, including the creation and support of corporations' thought leadership blueprints.

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