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Learn How to Maximize NetSuite and Your Mobile Device With Ken Grohe’s
“Leveraging NetSuite and Your Mobile Device to Make More $$$”


CUPERTINO, CA – April 24, 2018 – Customer centricity is a key component to organizational success these days. Customers will gravitate to orgs that don’t waste their time and that quickly cater to their needs. You need to deliver your products/services in a customer-friendly and efficient way. Be sure to focus on the customer, as it will drive more sales and profit. If you don't make this change in delivering customer delight, your competition will. Companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for systems like NetSuite, which do a great job addressing core business processes but sometimes lack the components necessary to drive customer delight in the last mile. Integrating SignNow into NetSuite can help.

Ken Grohe @LeverageSignNow is an experienced president and sought-after public speaker (25 years at EMC, successful startup Virident in the application acceleration space, and cloud security disrupter at Barracuda) with a demonstrated history of execution in the information technology and SaaS industries. He is a proud Cornell, UCLA, and Boston College dad and BC alumni, charity fundraiser, and mobile productivity enthusiast.

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  • 10 out of 10 things that are going away: Customer Disappointment. #BeingMobileMatters @LeverageSignNow

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