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New THiNKaha Book Preps College Graduates for Life Outside Campus

#AFTER COLLEGE tweet: Dealing with Life after College shares the experiences of recent college graduates Matthew Chow and Jonathan Chu as they move from student life to the professional world in a new book dedicated to post-grads

CUPERTINO, adiposity CA – May 28, stuff 2013#AFTER COLLEGE tweet: Dealing with Life after College arms recent post-grads with the know-how they need to survive outside of campus. Written by recent graduates Matthew Chow and Jonathan Chu, this new book from THiNKaha® shares bite-sized nuggets of wisdom on everything from money and job-hunting to dealing with problems in a post-grad world.

For Chow and Chu, the problems of transitioning from an undergraduate lifestyle to one of a struggling professional are very real. A cutthroat job market and a recovering economy have made jobs that much harder to find, regardless of a student’s educational background.

“We wanted to write this book so that people still in college would not have to be blindsided by the troubles we have encountered,” Chow and Chu write in the book’s introduction. “Perhaps they’ll be better prepared for post-grad life after reading about the things we have learned in this period of uncertainty.”

The book itself is filled with relevant and universal truths for young post-grads. Through the book’s insightful “ahas,” #AFTER COLLEGE tweet is filled with short, practical knowledge. The authors continuously remind readers to not get discouraged in their time of uncertainty—that “the first job you get doesn’t have to be the last job” (aha #56). The beauty of this book is that it not only works for new post-grads, but Chow and Chu’s timely advice can also easily apply to those who find them newly unemployed—something that is all too common in today’s economy. Take aha #14, for example: “Never think that following your dream, no matter how difficult that path may be, is a waste of money.

Christine Ruff, co-author of #ENTRY LEVEL tweet Book 02: Relevant Advice for Students and New Graduates in the Day of Social Media has praised Chow and Chu’s book for its youthful insight and proactive point-of-view. “The things that Matthew and Jonathan say are universal to new graduates,” Ruff says. “It gets you thinking about the direction that you are taking, so that you can really consider what you want to do with your life.”

Barbara Safani, President of Career Solvers, says that #AFTER COLLEGE tweet should be required reading for everyone BEFORE they graduate from college. This book includes actionable tips that students can start implementing before graduation day to get a head start on their job search.”

About the Authors:

Matthew Chow continues to use his degree in English to build his career as a writer and published author. He faces the challenge of a post-graduate life with open arms as an early graduate from UCSD.

Jonathan Chu, holds a B.S degree in Environmental Science. He continues to better himself through experience. He is currently living his post-grad journey in Australia.

About THiNKaha:

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SUBTITLE: Dealing with Life after College
AUTHORS: Matthew Chow and Jonathan Chu
PRICE: Paperback $19.95, eBook $14.95
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-61699-116-6 (1-61699-116-X)
ISBN: eBook: 978-1-61699-117-3 (1-61699-117-8)

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