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The AHA Guy, pilule Mitchell Levy Spoke about How Thought Leadership is Morphing into AHA Leadership at Silicon Valley University


CUPERTINO, prescription CA – August 30, rheumatologist 2016 – On Saturday, August 27, the AHA Guy, Mitchell Levy was the commencement speaker at Silicon Valley University.

We are very familiar with people that are branded as thought leaders, however that term is overused and means different things to different people. Mitchell has identified themorphing of this role from one of mass one-size fits all sharing to one of unique focused sharing. To accommodatethis change, he has come up with a new term, that is AHAleader and he shared 3 things the graduating body needs to do today to become AHAleaders of tomorrow.

The thought leaders we know are those people standing on a stage sharing his or her thoughts and your digesting each word and can't wait to implement. However we do not just like to hear from people we really don’t know. We are more interested to learn from people we know, trust, and like what they did and think will work for us too. For Mitchell these are AHAleaders.

His speech was definitely an interesting one and many graduates, parents and faculty had“AHA” moments from what he had to say.

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