Mitchell Levy Featured On Top50 B2B Thought Leaders & Influencers To Work With In 2023

Distributed on 04/01/2023


Cupertino, CA based Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy has been featured on Thinker360’s list of Top 50 B2B Thought Leaders & Influencers everyone should work with in 2023. The list utilizes a specialized algorithm to rank the influence and reach of a variety of industry professionals, accounting for a multitude of factors.
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The names included on this list belong to highly influential people who are each contributing to progress within and outside their industry in some significant manner. The variety on display is staggering, with the industries represented including renewable energy, data and security, mental health, public relations and marketing, human resources and more. For his part, Mitchell Levy was recognized for his involvement in ‘Ecosystems, Business Continuity and Entrepreneurship,’ all of which tie in with his role as a Global Credibility Expert and Executive Coach and CEO at Credibility Nation.

The Thinker360 community is extensive and growing all the time, and it openly invites all interested parties to share the benefit of their experience and expertise as well as learn from their peers. The platform’s goal is to encourage and facilitate relationships between synergistic businesses, thereby opening the way for future innovation. Its ranks include the world’s best in academics, analysts, authors, consultants, entrepreneurs, influencers and speakers, and many consider it to be the premier opportunity marketplace of its kind. As such, Levy’s inclusion in its 2023 list of Top 50 B2B Thought Leaders & Influencers to work with is highly notable.

Levy may be pleased to be recognized for his efforts given that he has long committed himself to giving entrepreneurs and other parties the tools to build their credibility among peers and partners. Credibility, he says, is a cornerstone of business, and the most opportunities come to those who firmly establish their credibility within the community.

Many already understand that one of the keys to a flourishing business lies in networking and developing relationships. This can refer to relationships with customers as well as business partners. Levy acknowledges that advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to both find and connect with other people and entities. However, this is a double-edged sword that must be wielded carefully.

He states, “The keys to success and happiness in the global village are credibility and relationships. Since technology has enabled us to connect with more people, how we live and do business can easily be seen. Thus, presenting ourselves as credibly as we can allows others to want to get to know, like and trust us.” Few parties (if any) will want to share their opportunities or award lucrative contracts to anyone who they consider to have little in the way of credibility. As such, Levy has made it his goal to teach entrepreneurs how to do more than let their work or projects speak for themselves. He teaches them how to present themselves in the best possible light and in a manner that feels both engaging and credible.

Levy pulls on more than his own experiences to accomplish this. When he first started his campaign, he interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility, eventually distilling what he learned into a 7-country international bestselling book, entitled Credibility Nation: For Professionals Who Want To Be Seen As Credible. He has similarly brought his ideas (more than once) to TEDx talks, authored more than 60 books (on various subjects) and created numerous courses on credibility.

Today, he runs the Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp, helping professionals build credibility, develop their brand and attract more high profile business. For many, this 2-day bootcamp is only the beginning, showing them how to improve the impression they make both online and off, and the journey of credibility truly begins in the following months and years. Levy has also curated a community of like-minded individuals who are similarly looking to improve themselves — and share the benefit of their experiences with their peers.

Levy’s accomplishments and ongoing efforts make him an obvious shoe-in for inclusion on Think360’s list of notable connections. Levy himself encourages interested parties to get in touch if they would like to learn more about his courses or his history in the field.Learn more about Mitchell Levy..

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