The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp Is Live on December 2

Distributed on 11/30/2022


The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp founder and creator of
Credibility Nation Mitchell Levy announces the last session of
the year of the Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp starting on the 2nd
of December 2022. People looking to increase their credibility
to gain more trust, respect, and business are invited to join to
get tactics and principles shared in the Bootcamp.
The “increase credibility” event will be held on Zoom. Before
the event, the team hosted a 90-minute prep session which was
recorded and is made available to all participants.
During the Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp, attendees are given
concrete and proven action items to implement in their life and
business, in-person and online. The bootcamp was first held on
June 2-3 2022. The feedback from the participants was across
the board great and positive. The attendees recognized needed
credibility points they lacked, saw areas to improve on, and took
away action items to implement after the event personally and

This week, the Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp will be held on
December 2 and 3. In addition to the 2-day session this week,
there is also a followup session approximately one week after
the event to help facilitate the learning and attendees credibility
growth. The date of the followup session is the 8th of December
from 11 AM PDT to 12:30 PDT.
One of the enrollees of the first Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp,
Dan Kapellen reported his experience by saying, “I just finished
the Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp, led by Mitchell. It is, hands
down, worth attending. I have been fine-tuning my USP, then
my UVP for years. However, I struggled with putting the right
words together in a short message that connects with my
intended audience. The CPoP (Customer Point of Possibilities)
that Mitchell teaches is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you,
The mission behind the project is to support and help to grow
businesses. Mitchell Levy has a background in multiple areas
of business, and he hosts Credibility Nation which is a
community for professionals actively seeking to be more
credible. Gains in increased believability, memorability,
shareability, alignment, and integrity for participants are the
outputs. Increasing credibility all over.
The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp spawned out of that to help a
wider audience get more credible at a fast pace.
The Credibility Nation offers its members multiple benefits such
as courses aimed to assist and aid in the process of increasing
credibility, and a community where people can learn from each
other actively to see what actions are taken and what gains can
be had.
One of the things all these like-minded individuals share in the
community is their opportunity to both create and tweak their
messaging to their audience using a process identified by
Mitchell which is named CPoP. Each user can learn to define
their CPop in 10 words or less and will with clarity be able to
pronounce to their peers a phrase that breaks down what they
do, taking away the business jargon, and increasing awareness
and curiosity with their listener.
Two days a week, there is a live session, starting with
Accountability Mondays, and ending with Business Networking
on Friday. Overall there is a chance to learn applied knowledge
and engagement in online boot camps, webinars, and events
that provide credible techniques to close more business,
increase the length of client engagements, incorporate more
efficiencies in one’s processes, and access weekly microlearning lessons that are shared via email.
Mitchell Levy and Lucas Root are the hosts of The Ultimate
Credibility Bootcamp.
Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy has a background from
starting over 20 businesses in Silicon Valley. He is a 2 times
TedX Speaker, an International Bestselling Author of over 60
books, and a Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches Coach. Been
a Chairman of a board of a Nasdaq-listed company. He’s also
published over 750 books. He created the Credibility Nation
membership community to help members “live, learn and
surround themselves with others on the credibility journey”.
Former Wall Street Executive Lucas Root has a consistent track
record of success and describes himself as analytical by
default. Lucas left Wall Street and started his own consulting
business. He helps powerful brands today that have problems
executing their well-funded great ideas. He has partnered with
multiple businesses and VCs for mentoring and has been
invited to speak to numerous audiences around the world.
For prospects interested to learn if the Credibility Nation is right
for them and offers what they need in their journey to increase
their credibility Mitchell Levy is offering a 2-Months Free Pass to
anyone keen to investigate further or join the community. Act
now as the price for membership is going up by 3 ½ times in

About Credibility Nation:

Credibility Nation is a place where you can learn to be,
reinforce, and grow your credibility while surrounding
yourself in a safe environment with others on the same

Contact Credibility Nation:

Mitchell Levy
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 210 Cupertino, CA 95014