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Is It Lonely at the Top?
Top Executives Share Great Insights on Aha Amplifier™

CUPERTINO, neuropathist CA – September 9, 2015 – How can top executives become better leaders and managers to make better decisions and get through what is called, "being lonely at the top?" Executives may come from diverse backgrounds, but everyone shares a commonality on the issues they face every single day. What would be the best venue for these issues to be heard and for executives to be provided with support and guidance amidst their organizations’ dark times?

This AhaBook™, "It Gets Lonely at the Top," is comprised of Aha moments from thought leaders appearing on Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator and CEO of THiNKaha, and his co-host, Jim Canfield, CEO of Renaissance Executive Forums. The AhaMessages™ in this AhaBook also feature Bruce McLennan, Principal/National Strategy Manager for Commercial Development at Farnsworth Group (previously SEM Architects); Melissa Burkhart, CEO of FuturoSolidoUSA; Tim Leman, Chairman and CEO at Gibson; and Ken Hazen, President and CEO of CTSI-Global.

Subtitled "Renaissance Executive Forum Thought Leadership," the book contains 140 AhaMessages™ of interesting insights from top executives who used their own expertise to provide ideas and perspectives not just in their profession, but to achieve personal growth as well.

Here are a few of the valuable AhaMessagesTM from this book:

  • Saying it's lonely at the top may sound 1950s, but it’s true. @jimcanfield

  • As you climb the ladder, you’ll understand what being lonely at the top means. @timleman #TLL

  • Sometimes, we think about being lonely as the same as being sad. That’s not necessarily true. @FuturoSolidoUSA

  • Sometimes, CEOs just need a sanity check. You must be able to talk to somebody who’s been in the same situation. @CTSIGlobal #TLL

  • It’s nice to be able to sit in a closed room w/ a group of peers who really understand what you’re doing. @FarnsworthGrp #TLL

  • In order for your employees to be authentic people, you must be authentic yourself. @happyabout

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