Activate (AHAthat)

As an author or a fan of the AHAthat, you can activate and amplify your influence by following the steps below (and by clicking on and following the steps in this pdf):

  1. Sign up for your free AHAthat account at and download books that are relevant or interesting to you. The books #MOJO tweet by Marshall Goldsmith and Bud Bilanich on Success by Bud Bilanich comes free with your account.
  2. Share one or two ahas a day on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ from the AHAthat by clicking on the social media buttons on each aha.
  3. Download other AHAthat books and share quotes from other thought leaders. Books that get good retweets, favorites, and shares include Ted Rubin on ROR, Chris Edmonds on Great Bosses, and Robert Galinsky on Coffee Crazy.
  4. Promote your book and the AHAthat on social media and follow us @THiNKaha and @happyabout.
  5. If you’re a THiNKaha author and include #tll and @happyabout in your tweets, we will retweet or favorite to our list of 50,000 followers.
  6. Curate your thought leadership articles/posts on the Thought Leadership Best Practices Group on LinkedIn.