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How We Can Be Greater Together: Want a Happier, More Meaningful & More Productive Life?

Learn how to share success and optimize your network by multiplying praise and engaging in productive conversations

CUPERTINO, CA – May 13, 2020 – In this day and age, it’s not easy to forge connections out of genuine meetings with like-minded individuals that grow into beautiful friendships and/or work relationships. When you findpeople with whom you are mutually in agreement to lift one another up, help accomplish tasks, and make each other’s lives meaningful, that’s a healthy and encouraging environment to be in.

The AHAmessages™ in, “How We Can Be Greater Together: Want a Happier, More Meaningful & More Productive Life,” contain insights on how to engage with those you consider co-partners, people with whom you can grow together and make reaching goals fun, productive, and beneficial for one another. You’ll learn how to attract only good things toward each other, so no one’s left behind and everyone succeeds in life, whether at work or in their community or personal/social life.

Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon. You can download the Kindle version of this book for FREE until May 17! Grab your copy now:

“This book empowers people how to accomplish more while being heard, appreciating others, increasing one’s abilities and capacities, and adding positive responses to be advocates of each other and optimize opportunities in various areas in life,” says Mitchell Levy (, Global Credibility Expert and The AHA Guy at AHAthat® (

Here are five notable AHAmessages that you can share with others:

  • The bigger the change you seek, the larger the reward you deserve. Let supporters savor it with you. Behavior is contagious to the third degree: friends, friends of friends & their friends may be moved to emulate your change. #RewardedFriendsTendToShare

  • We tend to live like 10-speed bikes, having emotional gears that we never use. Examine your instinctive habits to discover other ways to perform, advocate, or react. #OptimizeMoreTalents by looking for them.

  • Create a collectively visible task-tracking system where committee members can record their progress on a task and view others’ progress. Such transparency spurs everyone to complete tasks on time. Reinforce #CollectiveResponsibility.

  • When you don’t like your slice of the “pie,” rather than complaining, create a bigger “pie.” #GenerateGreaterValue

  • It’s not the number of contacts you cultivate, but the diversity and depth of connections that leverage your opportunity to use best talents more often to accomplish more #OptimizedFriendships.

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