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Discover How to Turn Every Business Encounter Into a Mutual Win on "Tony Alessandra on People Smart in Business"

CUPERTINO, resuscitator CA – October 2, patient 2015 – Do you want to become a people-watcher extraordinaire? How about becoming a person who really understands behavioral differences and can use them to your mutual advantage? This can often spell the difference between success and failure.

Tony Alessandra will equip you with the power and knowledge to realistically take charge of improving all your relationships. This AhaBook™ will inspire you to make a difference on how to understand yourself and the people around you.

The AhaBook™ "Tony Alessandra on People Smart in Business" contains 140 AhaMessages™ of easy, symptoms yet verified methods to positively influence others. This will likely change your relationships forever. You will see people differently, understand them better, and be able to deal with them in a way that can turn every encounter into a win-win situation.

“What more can you ask than to have an AhaBook™ with simple, but proven ways to build rapport with everyone and improve social interactions? A must-read for those curious about what makes you and others tick,” says Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator and CEO of THiNKaha.

Subtitled, “Turning Every Business Encounter Into a Mutual Win,” this AhaBook™ contains 140 AhaMessages™ of refreshing insights, so you can unconsciously begin to draw out the best in everyone around you. You will notice how easy it becomes to gain the trust and respect of even the most cynical people you meet. This Aha Amplifier™ book is a companion work to Tony's book, "People Smart in Business". Pick it up on Amazon at:

Here are a few inspiring AhaMessages™ from this book:

  • Behavioral differences: our boon & our bane. They make #Life so rich & fascinating and often so frustrating, too. @TonyAlessandra

  • Adjust your #Behavior to make all kinds of people more at ease with you, and you with them! @TonyAlessandra

  • When we do what comes naturally, we alienate others. Why? That same behavior may not be natural for them. @TonyAlessandra

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