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Publishing Expert Judith Briles Crowdsources an AhaBook in 24 Hours on Creating Publishing Success with 7 Other Experts

CUPERTINO, pilule CA – June 25, stuff 2015 – To inspire and push forward aspiring book authors and publishers, apoplexy publishing expert and founder Judith Briles pooled seven successful authors to collaborate with THiNKaha for an AhaBook™ focused on creating publishing success.

Judith Briles & AuthorU's Publishing Experts on Creating Publishing Success is the first social media-enabled AhaBook that provides bite-size tips and guidelines for authors and writers. It is now available for download on the AhaAmplifierTM (

In the book, 140 AhaMessages from Marty Dickinson @MartyDickinson, Heather Lutze @HeatherLutze, Lori Ruff @loriruff, Sandra Beckwith @SandraBeckwith, Kelly Johnson @cornerstoneva, Joan Stewart @PublicityHound, and Hayley Foster @hayleyfoster resonate with Judith Briles’ sharp and practical advice on book authoring, publishing and marketing.

"Book authors and writers will definitely find value in this book. It's handy, practical and will help them achieve publishing success," said Mitchell Levy, Chief Aha Instigator at the Aha Amplifier and CEO of THiNKaha (

Judith Briles is an advocate for authors and writers and has authored 32 books, won multiple book awards and is the Founder of, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the author who wants to be seriously successful.

Some of the great AhaMessages™ included in the book are: “5 secret steps to writing success = Stu, Spew, Review, Preview, Whew!” by  @MartyDickinson

“You must know and understand who is most likely to love your book. That's your target audience” by @SandraBeckwith

This AhaBook is now available for free on the Aha Amplifier. Read and share additional AhaMessages from Judith Briles & AuthorU's Publishing Experts on Creating Publishing Success now available on the Aha AmplifierTM at

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