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Become Masters of Change and Transform Your Business
with Thomas White's "Transformational Leadership"

Professional insights, stories, and words of wisdom from thought leaders, innovators,
and entrepreneurs on creating sustainable success

CUPERTINO, CA – August 31, 2020 – Successful leaders and business owners today understand that many challenges required them to be creative, consistently step up, and reinvent themselves as necessary. Organizations with purpose, commitment to values, integrity, servant and trust leadership, and authenticity are certainly the ones making a big impact to their clients, their own employees, the communities they serve and the world.

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“There has never been a more important time for leaders to be agents for change in a world of great uncertainty,” says Thomas White, CEO and founder of TRNSFORM, as he passionately inspires leaders to step beyond their conditioning and outside their perceived limitations to discover the truth of their potential.

This book contains 140 thought-provoking AHAmessages™ straight out of the selection of high quality interviews from the “Business Matters” podcast hosted by Thomas White, CEO and founder of TRNSFORM, inspiring leaders to step beyond their conditioning and outside their perceived limitations to discover the truth of their potential. Each paradigm-shifting idea presented from these AHAmessages brings to light how important it is to have conscious leadership to enkindle a compassionate world and to change hearts to do work that is meaningful.

"If business leaders act from the heart and have increased awareness of changes that have global impact, inspiration is fundamentally multiplied causing other people to be change agents as well. When we commit to deliver value to every stakeholder in our businesses, we are creating ripples of success for future companies, communities and generations,” says Mitchell Levy (, Global Credibility Expert and The AHA Guy at AHAthat® (

Here are five (5) notable AHAmessages that you can share with others:

  • The fastest way to increase influence, impact, and business results is leading with trust. Push the priorities of your org, increase engagement, and earn the trust of those you lead! #BusinessOfTrust

  • We need to use our creative capacities in doing business with a holistic approach that promotes overall employee satisfaction to ensure productivity and motivation at the highest level. #AdaptableLeadership – Paul Lawrence

  • Human needs that are essential in #Leadership: 1) love and 2) inspiration. We crave to love and be loved, to inspire and be inspired. #InspirationalLeadership

  • All over the world, there is an outpouring of interest for people to live simpler lives. Take a step back, and evaluate your choices to make necessary changes that will benefit your life. #Simplicity @Zen_Habits

  • If you don’t notice how upsetting change is, you’ll act out of it. Real change happens when you are aware of its process and implications. #MasterChange

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