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Table of Contents

Foreword by Ken Blanchard and Margie Blanchard
Section I: Instructional Design and the Brilliance Learning System
Section II: People
Section III: Content
Section IV: Design
Section V: Be Brilliant!


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#3: Anyone who seeks to bring out the best in others is a teacher. Great teachers help make learners brilliant!

#31: Great teachers create a learning environment built on mutual trust & respect, where mistakes are a natural part of the process.

#64: The hard work for you comes before your participants arrive to learn. Then they do the work.

#91: Catch learners doing something right and give them encouragement and authentic affirmation–praise progress, not just accomplishment!

#132: Brilliant design is not about the teacher. It’s all about the learners and helping them create connections and actions relevant to content.


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Instructional Design for Today’s Professionals

by Vicki Halsey, S. Chris Edmonds, and Mitchell Levy

Foreword by Ken Blanchard and Margie Blanchard

Instructional designers understand how people learn best. Their expertise is deployed to build learning experiences that enable rapid and deep absorption of new knowledge or assimilation of previously-absorbed facts. Traditional instructional design (ID), however, tends to go only half of the way because it emphasizes placing the instructor in the driver’s seat. Now, in #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book03: Instructional Design for Today’s Professionals (#SCL tweet Book03), authors Vicki Halsey, S. Chris Edmonds, and Mitchell Levy take ID to its logical pinnacle with their meticulously-conceived Brilliance Learning System, predicated on putting the learner first.

The Brilliance Learning System trains corporate leaders to craft learning experiences that build knowledge and skills. This approach creates deep learning that gets retained for the long term and results in engaged, committed, and active learners who are eager and ready to put their new skills into action. The learner-centric foundation outlined in #SCL tweet Book03 requires instructors to aid and enable learners at every turn. The book’s authors approach the model from several angles, creating bite-sized wisdom that is easy to incorporate with immediate effect. For example, they touch upon strategies for helping learners learn out-loud, build knowledge, create their own models for understanding, and finally put those models into action in their lives and workplaces. These strategies result in a dramatically dynamic learning environment, one in which learners, far from being passive recipients of knowledge, are the people who actively perform 70 percent of the talking–and the teaching!

Written in the easy-to-implement tweet format (where each quotation is 140 characters or less), the book is peppered with digestible tips and concrete examples that enable and inspire learners. Anybody who designs learning modules or guides the design of learning experiences will find #SCL tweet Book03 indispensable in creating engaging and vibrant learning experiences–with immediate results!

#SCL tweet Book03 is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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“Passionate learners drive organizational success. Powerful instructional design drives passionate learning! This concise book helps you ENGAGE learners with luv.”

– Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus, Southwest Airlines, Co-author, Lead with LUV

“The Brilliance Learning System plays a fundamental role in the creation of all our training. The ENGAGE model revolutionizes the learner experience in meetings, workshops, and off-sites.”

– Marcus Buckingham, CEO, The Marcus Buckingham Company, Author of numerous New York Times bestselling books including Go Put Your Strengths to Work

“The ENGAGE model is one of the greatest things you’ll ever learn, because it opens your perspective on how to deliver effective presentations and trainings, you can immediately see how it energizes your people, and it creates a positive dynamic.

“Remember, ENGAGE your audience to unleash their brilliance one tweet at a time!”

– Sonia Farace, Director, SONY

“Start a learning and performance revolution! Vicki, Chris, and Mitchell’s book will help your learners THRIVE!”

– Marshall Goldsmith, World-renowned Executive Coach, Author of New York Times bestsellers Mojo and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“If you want to ENGAGE people and drive organizational success you have to design so as to transform the heart and mind of the learner. Read this book and you will have the tools to create confidence, competence and have fun while doing it!”

– Sheldon Harris, President & CEO, P3 Consulting Group, Former President, Coldstone Creamery

About the Authors


Vicki Halsey
Vicki Halsey


Vicki Halsey, PhD is the vice president of applied learning at the Ken Blanchard Companies. Vicki is the author of the bestselling book, Brilliance by Design, and co-author of the bestselling books, The Hamster Revolution and Blanchard’s Leading at a Higher Level. She co-authored Blanchard’s Legendary Service program and its award-winning Situational Leadership® II eLearning program. Vicki has led leadership and service initiatives at hundreds of Fortune 500 organizations such as Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Nike, Gap, Chick-fil-A, and Procter & Gamble. Visit her at VickiHalsey.com.

S. Chris Edmonds
S. Chris Edmonds


S. Chris Edmonds (@scedmonds) is a speaker, author, and senior consultant with the Ken Blanchard Companies. Chris is the author of #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet, co-author of Blanchard’s bestselling book, Leading at a Higher Level, co-author of #POSITIVITY at WORK tweet, and co-author of Blanchard’s award-winning culture change process. Chris is Blanchard’s culture expert and has helped numerous clients create a high performing, values aligned culture using Blanchard’s proven process. He has thousands of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers who look forward to his culture and leadership tweets each day.

Mitchell Levy
Mitchell Levy


Mitchell Levy is the CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha who has created and operated fifteen firms and partnerships since 1997. He and his team are brought into corporations to turn their experts into recognized thought leaders. Mitchell is an Amazon bestselling author with twenty one business books, he has provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, has advised over five hundred CEOs on critical business issues through the CEO networking groups he’s run, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Get a free copy of the eBook Mitchell Levy on Creating Thought Leaders at the Aha Amplifier, read about thought leadership best practices on the LinkedIn group, or watch a new thought leader each week on Thought Leader Life. Read more and connect at his About.me page.