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Table of Contents

Section 1: What is Culture?
Section 2: Creating Culture Standards
Section 3: Great Boss Behaviors
Section 4: Sustaining Your Desired Culture



“Culture only changes through a consistent focus on what you want to achieve. These terrific ahas from Chris Edmonds will show you how!”
David Witt (@LeaderChat) is the marketing Program Director with The Ken Blanchard Companies

“Culture doesn’t need to be a magic word. Chris Edmonds tells you how to make it work for you in 140 character bursts.”
Wally Bock (@wallybock) helps leaders at all levels do a better job and live a better life.

“Only three things matter in business: culture, culture, culture. No one gets this key leadership lesson better than Chris Edmonds.”
Ted Coiné (@tedcoine) is a business heretic and (un)CEO at http://www.savvycapitalist.blogspot.com.

“Chris Edmonds has hit the nail on the head with a timely, relevant, must-read book on corporate culture.”
Laura Goodrich (@lauragoodrich) is a workforce innovator, filmmaker and author of Seeing Red Cars and Shifting Years – Leverage the Power of Generations

“A strong corporate culture makes all the difference! Chris Edmonds’ new book #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet can help yours build its muscles.”
Joan Koerber-Walker (@JKWleadership) is Founder and Chairman of CorePurpose, Inc.

“Essential reading for all leaders! Corporate culture guru Chris Edmonds shows you how to create a team where passion and performance reign.”
Jesse Lyn Stoner (@jesselynstoner) is Founder of the Seapoint Center and Coauthor of Full Steam Ahead! – Unleash the Power of Vision


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tweet Book01

140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Create a High Performing, Values-Aligned Workplace that Employees LOVE

by S. Chris Edmonds

In #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet Book01, S. Chris Edmonds starts at the very beginning–by showing you how to recognize an organization’s culture and identify what a healthy workplace culture looks, acts, and sounds like. This may sound trivial, but it is not. Oftentimes, surface appearances are deceptive and you need to dig a little to learn the truth. An organization that appears healthy and happy may have large numbers of low-productivity, demotivated employees. Conversely an organization that appears to have plateaued or be driven by a handful of strong personalities may, counter to intuition, boast of stellar performers and consistently upbeat results.

Having shown you how to recognize a healthy organization, the author uncovers the power of ‘boss behavior.’ Most of us remember our best boss ever, a person who created a work environment that enabled us to perform at our best while being incredibly satisfied with our boss, team, and work. Chris describes how great bosses behave to ensure that organizational culture standards are maintained and reinforced each day.

Just as culture change is hard for individuals, it is difficult for organizations. It takes discipline and effort to focus on culture management day in and day out. Which is why Chris also engages us on accountability behaviors and actions that ensure that the desired organizational culture is embedded and acted upon.

Written in the actionable tweet format and demonstrating the value that can be delivered in small packages,#CORPORATE CULTURE tweet Book01 will find a home on every progressive corporate leader’s bookshelf.

Here are some of the well-thought-out quotes/tweets you will find in this book:

#15 Leaders can measure team members and team performance when clear goals exist. Without those, it is difficult for teams to gauge success.

#36 Rise above the temptation to focus solely on performance! What values are acted on in your company today? Are those the values you want?

#71 Great bosses don’t need an “open door policy.” They manage by wandering around, engaging staff every day.

#106 Great bosses express sincere thanks to staff members for their specific contributions, every day. Practice “active praising!”

#125 Leaders, are you measuring, monitoring, and rewarding the right things in your company? Strategize what you need and reward those things.

#CORPORATE CULTURE tweet Book01 is part of the THiNKaha series whose 100-page books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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“The inspirational Chris Edmonds teaches us his values-aligned and high performance wisdom so we can connect the dots about corporate culture.”
Lolly Daskal (@lollydaskal) is a speaker, facilitator, and coach who guides others to “Lead From Within.”

“Whether you want to think about, learn about, or go about improving your organizational culture, you need this amazing little book!”
Kevin Eikenberry (@kevineikenberry) is a leadership expert, speaker, consultant, and author of several books including From Bud to Boss

“Chris’ culture tweets are engaging, challenging reminders of how to create healthy, fun, energetic work environments. Read and be inspired!”
Becky Robinson (@beckyrbnsn) is a writer, social media consultant, and blogger at http://www.weavinginfluence.com

“Chris Edmonds is first a learner and then a teacher. His learner’s spirit makes him a great teacher. It’s great learning from him again.”
Dan Rockwell (@leadershipfreak) is a community leader and consistent #leadership Top Tweeter.


About the Author


Sterling Lanier
S. Chris Edmonds


S. Chris Edmonds is a speaker, author, and senior consultant with the Ken Blanchard Companies. He has co-authored Blanchard’s bestselling book, Leading at A Higher Level, and award-winning culture change process. As Blanchard’s culture expert, he has helped numerous clients create a high performing, values-aligned culture using their proven process. Chris’ blog at DrivingResultsThroughCulture.com and his tweets (@scedmonds) have resulted in thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn who look forward to his culture tweets each day.