#Cultural Transformation Tweet Book 01, ambulance Published by THiNKaha, Shares Best Practices on Communicating with Grace and Agility across Cultures

Cultural transformation expert Melissa Lamson compiles cutting-edge guidance for ensuring your professional success in today’s global work environment.

CUPERTINO, CA (PR Web) – December 14, 2011 – The definition of today’s corporate professionals has evolved as workforces and middle managers must work across cultures and geographies with diverse, and dispersed teams, customers, and vendors, This has resulted in massive  cultural transformations within organizations, complicating the roles of corporate managers and the manner in which corporations are steered. With the launch of #CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION tweet Book01 from THiNKaha, Melissa Lamson offers actionable insights that showcase her expertise to help companies build more productive and innovative company cultures.

In her book, published by THiNKaha, Melissa uses tweets – or 140 character quotes – to   demonstrate how Cultural Transformation can only happen when leaders apply best practices and expert guidance to crossing cultures and working globally. She distills not only her own voice but also those of other equally talented global business leaders skilled in cultural communication, cultural agility, and change management. Her critically-claimed proprietary methodology on cultural transformation, “Agility, Communication and Transformation” or ACT™, offers readers a solid foundation to create their own corporate common values, business practices and behaviors.

“#CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION tweet is unique in that it clearly bridges processes and technology with the people who use them,” says Oracle’s Senior Director of Global Customer Management, Lauren Larson Diehl. “Melissa presents us with invaluable, bite-sized pieces of advice which support success and profitability.”

The book is liberally peppered with clear and actionable wisdom such as with aha #97, “If people should operate in a common language, they need to be trained in that language, whatever it may be.” Or, as aha #48 states, “Organizations with cultural agility have people with learning agility. If people don’t develop learning competencies, they won’t be agile.”

After reading Melissa’s book, readers will agree with Larry Anderson, Senior Managing Consultant at IBM in that “Melissa shares invaluable insights…I would highly recommend anyone working globally to keep a copy of #CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION tweet on their desk.”

Corporate leaders who are responsible for leading cultural transformation in their company or have ever been called upon to steer a team through a change process, particularly a trans-cultural shift, will find the words of wisdom from Melissa Lamson to be a great guide for their success.

About the Author:
Melissa Lamson is a pioneer in the fields of cultural transformation and global business development. Her proprietary Cultural Transformation methodology called “Agility, Communication and Transformation” or ACT™ has helped organizations around the globe create the common values, businesses practices and behaviors that are the hallmarks of productive and innovative company cultures. Always forthcoming with sharing her experience and expertise, Melissa has authored several books and has contributed to a large number of journals, magazines and books.

Melissa has lived in France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. In 2008, she was named one of the top 25 female entrepreneurs in Europe. The German Ministry of Cultural Affairs awarded her recognition for her work in diversity. She is regularly invited to speak about cultural transformation to corporations and also teaches courses for executive MBA programs globally. The European Wall Street Journal calls her “an award-winning consultant with an award-winning personality!”

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SUBTITLE: Business Advice on Agility and Communication Across Cultures
AUTHOR: Melissa Lamson
PRICE: Paperback $19.95, eBook $14.95
ISBN Paperback: 978-1-61699-076-3 (1-61699-076-7)
ISBN eBook: 978-1-61699-077-0 (1-61699-077-5)

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