Cutting-Edge Crowdsourcing Book Demonstrates How You Can Leverage the Wisdom of the Crowd

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CUPERTINO, CA (PR Web) – November 11, 2011 – Be careful you don’t dismiss crowdsourcing as just another buzzword! The growing trend of crowdsourcing (the soliciting of collective wisdom) has quickly become a central business concept. Driven by the power of the web, businesses can now crowdsource to greatly expand the talent pool available at their disposal. Typically, this enables organizations to complete tasks faster, more efficiently and often simply better.

Kiruba Shankar and Mitchell Levy, co-authors of this cutting-edge book, are both firm believers in collaborative wisdom. In very diverse and singularly successful careers, they have deployed crowdsourcing for greater success. Now they bring you #CROWDSOURCING tweet Book01, in which they share with you smart ideas (crowdsourced, of course!) that teach you to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.
“Shankar and Levy share a vision of crowdsourcing worth examining and exploring,” says global business celebrity and bestselling author, Jeffrey Hayzlett. “#CROWDSOURCING tweet demonstrates the benefits of collecting knowledge in bite-sized formats on key topics in a relatively quick fashion. Well-edited, this content provides a robust, consolidated view of the topic at hand,” states the former CMO of a Fortune 100 C-Suite company. “The crowdsourced content within the THiNKaha series may truly become the ‘Cliff Notes’ of crowdsourcing and marketing for anyone in business.”

The bite-sized learning in this slim volume is a tribute to collective wisdom. To begin, consider #CROWDSOURCING tweet Book01’s aha #34: Encyclopedia Britannica took 200 years to write 80,000 articles. Wikipedia: 9 years, 10 million+ articles. Personal stories are especially powerful. For example, aha #48: I crowdsourced the creation of my logo and got 95 logo concepts for $300. My graphics agency just lost a customer to crowdsourcing. And lest you start thinking of crowdsourcing as a silver bullet, here’s a reality check with aha #52: Crowdsourcing is a democratic process. However, just like in any democracy, it needs leaders to hold the flag and lead.

“We now live in a time of rapid technological advances, where people are over-stimulated with information, and where the knowledge and experience of others can be acquired within a click’s notice,” says co-author Mitchell Levy. “Crowdsourcing is an extremely effective way to tap into the wisdom of others; bringing together a sense of community (a global one at that) and collecting ideas that have no boundaries of cultures, geographies, and backgrounds is truly an innovative tool of the 21st century.”

#CROWDSOURCING tweet Book01 is the book on leveraging the experience of the crowd, brought to you by two experienced authors who are comfortable with walking their talk. Replete with actionable knowledge from start to finish, you will surely find yourself flipping through its pages time and again as you tap into the collective wisdom of your crowd.

About the Authors:
Kiruba Shankar (@Kiruba), CEO of Business Blogging and Director of F5ive Technologies, has 14 years of experience in the Internet space. He lectures at the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management and is Ambassador for the TEDx program in India. Curator of Cerbrate, the international event for achievers, professional podcaster and blogger, Kiruba also makes time to author books that elucidate and opine on cutting-edge business strategies.

Mitchell Levy (@HappyAbout), corporate visionary, prolific business writer and acclaimed speaker is CEO of the independent and approachable publishing house Happy About. In a singularly successful career, he has created executive education programs for Silicon Valley universities, served as conference chair for Comdex and spoken at hundreds of forums on e-commerce and business. Particularly in Silicon Valley, Mitchell finds himself frequently called upon for his strategic expertise, big picture thinking and extensive business networks.

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SUBTITLE: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Leverage the Wisdom of the Crowd
AUTHORS: Kiruba Shankar and Mitchell Levy
PRICE: Paperback $19.95, eBook $14.95
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-61699-006-0 (1-61699-006-6)
ISBN: eBook: 978-1-61699-007-7 (1-61699-007-4)

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