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Released: October 2013


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Paperback: 978-1-61699-122-7 (1-61699-122-4)
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Table of Contents

Section I: What Is a Great Boss?
Section II: Great Bosses Inspire Growth
Section III: Great Bosses Honor Relationships
Section IV: Great Bosses Inspire Excellence
Section V: Great Bosses Ensure Accountability
Section VI: Great Bosses Spur Teamwork
Section VII: Be a GREAT Boss


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#GREAT BOSSES tweet Book01

140 Bite-Sized Proven Ideas for Being Each Employee’s Great Boss

by S. Chris Edmonds, MHROD

Foreword by Garry Ridge

Discover the secret to being a great boss with #GREAT BOSSES tweet: 140 Bite-Sized Proven Ideas for Being Each Employee’s Great Boss. Written by S. Chris Edmonds, CEO and founder of The Purposeful Culture Group, #GREAT BOSSES tweet provides readers with the insight they need to build effective professional relationships with employees and inspire a productive and creative work environment.

Being an effective boss is more than just meeting deadlines and raising profits. A great boss entails building strong relationships with employees and laying the groundwork for a professional environment that inspires growth and creativity.

Whether it’s through setting clear goals or through establishing well-defined citizenship standards, #GREAT BOSSES tweet aims to share Edmonds’ insights on the qualities of good professional leadership and proper employee engagement.

After years of professional experience as a leadership expert, S. Chris Edmonds has built a tried and tested managerial philosophy around valuing people as much as profits and shareholder return. The result is more lucrative long term results in work productivity and overall job satisfaction.

At a time when employees are only as good as the bosses that lead them, #GREAT BOSSES tweet aspires to raise the bar in the way bosses deal with the teams they lead. This book shares the necessary tools you need to improve relationships with team members, inspire professional growth and attract and retain new talent.

Readers will be able to relate to #GREAT BOSSES tweet by reflecting on their own great bosses. By harnessing personal experiences alongside Edmonds key insights, readers will be able to better understand the practices of a great boss, particularly in the areas of growth, relationships, excellence, accountability, and teamwork. #GREAT BOSSES tweet outlines the mindset necessary to become an effective manager, an inspiring leader, and a great boss.

#GREAT BOSSES tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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About the Author


S. Chris Edmonds
S. Chris Edmonds, MHROD


S. Chris Edmonds is a sought-after leadership speaker, author, and executive consultant. CEO and founder of The Purposeful Culture Group, Chris also serves as a senior consultant to the Ken Blanchard Companies. Chris is the author of #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet and co-author of #POSITIVITY at WORK tweet, #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book03: Instructional Design for Today’s Professionals, and Ken Blanchard’s own bestselling book Leading at a Higher Level. Chris helps successful organizations increase performance and values alignment using his proven process. With over thousands of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers, Chris has made it a part of his daily habit to provide unique, engaging and insightful content on culture and leadership to his growing community of followers.