THiNKaha Thought Leadership Quick Start Package


The THiNKaha Thought Leadership Quick Start Package is a three-month engagement designed to start your organization on the way to showcasing itself (or a key staff member) as a thought leader.

→  A thought leader is a person well known for expertise among a specific group of people.

The package includes:

  • Setting/beefing up a blog under your domain.
  • Setting/beefing up your social presence as appropriate on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and/or Facebook.
  • Weekly Thought Leadership Interviews starting at Week 5*.
  • An Aha Amplifier book and a THiNKaha Elite book.
  • Social advertising research.
  • Weekly social content creation.
  • Additional content posting via a recommended external service.**


The THiNKaha Thought Leadership Quick Start Package can accomplish:

  • Position your organization and key employees as thought leaders while generating awareness.
  • Act as public case studies when an advocate is being interviewed.
  • Become a door opener for sales when a future advocate is invited to be on the show.
  • Create content to be used elsewhere on marketing and social media channels.
  • Create and/or beef up your social presence to showcase your thought leadership.

For More Details

See the THiNKaha Thought Leadership Interviews and the THiNKaha Books sheets.

* Additional Thought Leadership Interviews can be quoted separately.

** The recommended third-party service (used by Mitchell Levy) is $400-450/month based on social media tools.


Jenilee Maniti,, 408-257-3000