Summary: THINKaha Series: New Books Give Valuable Insights in 140 Characters or Less

Don’t spend hours reading business books you’ll never remember. In today’s text message and Twitter world, purchase people want information fast. Topics include leadership, more info diversity, networking, job searching, productivity and living your dream. Read on the go in 15 minutes or less. Re-read for further inspiration.

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Cupertino, CA ( January 26, 2010 – Today’s business books are full of valuable insights. The problem is: what busy professional has the time to read and digest 250 pages a week? THINKaha is a new collection of books that offer bite-sized lessons on a variety of subjects.

Each book is based on the Twitter model of 140 characters per complete thought, and can be read during a short morning commute. Each page contains one or two “ahas.” There are exactly 140 messages per book from leading experts.

Here are the first 6 books in the THINKaha Series:

  1. #THINKtweet — Bite-sized lessons about Twitter by Rajesh Setty Each page highlights a wonderful, smart, funny or thought-provoking tweet. Guy Kawasaki said: “#THINKtweet is a cool little book filled with twinsights, twumor and twinfluence of Twitter.”
  2. #DIVERSITYtweet — Embrace the growing diversity in our world by Deepika Bajaj For managers or anyone who interacts with people from diverse cultures and languages. Each message leads individuals, organizations and today’s workforce to new breakthroughs.
  3. #MILLENNIALtweet — Ideas for managing Millennials by Alexandra Levit Get a career’s worth of insights on improving productivity and competitive advantage almost instantly. Use these insights to tap into younger workers and their unique talents and energy.
  4. #LEADERSHIPtweet — Thoughts on leadership by Kevin Eikenberry Hone the skills you need to become a remarkable leader. Messages to teach you new leadership skills. Learn new skills and how to apply current knowledge in a thoughtful and practical way.
  5. #QUALITYtweet — Ways for managers to inspire quality in their work by Tanmay Vora Learn how to build and enhance quality of products and services. Based on principles of effective people management, process improvement, and organization culture building.
  6. #JOBSEARCHtweet – Stand out in a competitive job market by Barbara Safani Advice from a pro with over 15 years experience as an executive coach, recruiter and career manager. Get actionable advice about topics like writing a resume, networking online, and negotiating.
  7. #DREAMtweet – Develop a vivid and compelling vision for life by Joe Heuer Rock and roll through life by mastering the art of imagination. Find inspiration, confidence and courage to live the fun and passionate life you dream of.

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