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#TEAMWORK tweet Book01:
140 Powerful Bite-Sized Insights on Lessons
for Leading Teams to Success
tweet Book01

Paperback: 978-1-61699-030-5 (1-61699-030-9) eBook: 978-1-61699-031-2 (1-61699-031-7)

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#TEAMWORK tweet Book01
Table of Contents

Section 1: Why Teamwork Matters Now More Than Ever
Section 2: What, Exactly, Is an Effective Team?
Section 3: Effective Teamwork Does Not Come out of Thin Air
Section 4: Leading Teams
Section 5: Team Conflict, Camaraderie and Personality



About the Book

Caroline Nicholl’s book ‘#TEAMWORK tweet Book01’ shows you why, more than ever before, teamwork matters in our business environment. With the bite-sized wisdom that is a hallmark of all #Tweet THINKaha books, this book shows how to get a team to focus on its core purpose and the role of leadership in team performance. As a leader or member of a team, you must learn what it takes to build high-performing teams that support individual and organizational effectiveness, learning and growth. ‘#TEAMWORK tweet Book01’ teaches you, in its uniquely readable style, why teams matter and what it takes to make them fly.


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#TEAMWORK tweet Book01

140 Powerful Bite-Sized Insights on Lessons for Leading Teams to Success

by Caroline G. Nicholl

Caroline Nicholl tweets, “Leadership matters but…teamwork…defines true success.” She should know. In a career spanning two decades and two continents, she has made her mark in law enforcement and in translating the lessons learnt in law enforcement to the corporate world. As she explains in her highly-readable book, ’#TEAMWORK tweet Book01,’ “Cops know good teamwork calls for candor, camaraderie and mutual accountability.” In the bite-sized wisdom that has become a hallmark of the THiNKahabooks, Caroline’s book explains why teamwork matters in today’s business environment, given the multiple challenges and opportunities.

The book reveals what makes up an effective team, how to get a team to focus on its core purpose, and the role of strong (but not egotistical) leadership in team performance. It shows how teams and their group dynamics need to be constantly nurtured, so that the differences in personalities and perspectives of team members can be harnessed towards the collective goal or creative purpose.

In our shifting economy, the power of teamwork is ever more important. Yet many leaders are unaware of the essential ingredients for high performing teamwork. Contrary to popular wisdom, hiring smart people and paying them well is not enough. This kind of winging it, as ‘#TEAMWORK tweet Book01’ demonstrates, is not recommended when we are counting on teams for innovation, productivity, adaptability, effective resource utilization, talent growth, profitability and customer retention. As a leader or a member of a team, you need to learn what it takes to build high performing teams that support individual and organizational effectiveness, learning and growth. Read ‘#TEAMWORK tweet Book01’ to learn why teams matter and what it takes to make them fly.

#TEAMWORK tweet Book01’ is part of the THiNKaha series whose 100-page books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).


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#5 Teamwork is required to address violence, corruption, climate change, wealth disparity, ‘peak’ oil and water shortages and more.

#20 Teams are about people: teams may require technology but thoughtful leadership is more critical to team performance than is realized.

#68 Teamwork is not only about bonding, trustfall exercises and rope courses. Teams need caring leadership and discipline.

#102 Many business leaders erroneously believe that simply hiring smart people and paying them well will always make for a great team.

#136 Like other habits, teams need diligently to balance task with process: a rule of thumb is a 70:30 split between the two; it will pay off.


About the Author


Caroline Nicholl
Caroline Nicholl


After a hugely successful career in law enforcement spanning two continents, Caroline Nicholl launched her Organizational Development and Coaching consulting company, Blue Apricot Solutions, so that corporate America too could benefit from the lessons learnt in law enforcement. At Blue Apricot, Caroline works with industry leaders to root out the dysfunction and ineffectiveness found in teams, both in public and private organizations. She firmly believes that, central to individual, organizational and world success in the 21st century is building high-performing teams.

Caroline serves as Adjunct Faculty for the Organizational Development Program at the University of Georgetown and as Chair Facilitator of two groups of chief executives for Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO membership organization. To benefit from Caroline’s never-in-the-box vision, visit Blue Apricot Solutions.