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Table of Contents

Section I: Why Should You Be a Thought Leader?
Section II: What Does It Take to Be a Thought Leader?
Section III: Who Made the Transition to Thought Leader?
Section IV: Benefits of Being a Thought Leader
Section V: Defining Your Space and Creating Your Opportunity
Section VI: Craft and Refine Your Message
Section VII: You need H.E.L.P
Section VIII: Tips to Start on the Thought Leader Path Today
Section IX: Be a Great Radio or TV Guest and Be Quoted in the News
Section X: What Else Should You Be Doing or Thinking About?


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This book is currently being written;
pre-order now to receive it as soon as it’s published.


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Helping Experts Inside of Corporations Amplify Their Thought Leadership

by Mitchell Levy

In today’s world where an organization’s prospect has access to more information about the industry, key firms within that industry, and customer testimonials of those using products and services from companies in the industry, how can any organization stand out? In some industries, buyers have conducted 75 percent of their research on the Internet prior to talking to any firms to make their purchasing decisions. How do you make sure that you are not only at the table, but have a strong seat at it? It’s simple. Two words: thought leadership.

With the changing environment that the Internet and social media is bringing about, it’s not as much about the global organization, but the individual experts turned thought leaders in the organizations whose names you associate with expertise in their respective niches. These thought leaders are being helped by their organizations to crowdsource books and eBooks, write articles, blog, tweet, speak at conferences and webinars, as well as to get quoted in traditional media on events and trends in the marketplace. Through them, the organizations’ messages are being amplified in the marketplace.

#CREATING THOUGHT LEADERS tweet Book01 helps the experts inside organizations think about and act on becoming thought leaders. Sections of the book include: why organizations should do it, what does it take, who else has made the transition, benefits they will receive, how they need to craft and define their message, and what H.E.L.P. they need to get to get to the next level.

If you are tapped by your organization to be a thought leader or are considering just diving in and taking the lead yourself, this book is for you. This aha from the beginning of the book should appeal to the organization: “Prospects making purchasing decisions are looking for thought leaders in their space to learn from before taking action” (#54). The last aha of this book should appeal to the expert: “Being a thought leader is one of the most rewarding positions to be in life. Why not work to make it yours!” (#140). You owe it to yourself to pick up and read this book … more than once!

#CREATING THOUGHT LEADERS tweet Book01 by Mitchell Levy is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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About the Author

Mitchell Levy
Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy is a corporate visionary and prolific business writer, CEO, and thought leader. He’s chairman of the board at Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR) and desiminates thought leadership for himself and others through his independent and approachable publishing arms 42 Rules, Happy About, and THiNKaha. Mitchell finds himself frequently called upon for his strategic expertise, big picture thinking and extensive business networks particularly in Silicon Valley. Mitchell can be reached at mlevy@thinkaha.com.