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As the complexity of IT architecture increases and cloud and virtualized environments become mainstream, IT personnel must embrace new best practices while mitigating risk. Although virtualization and cloud computing are bringing about great change, neither is a panacea and both can come at a great price.

As Peter Spielvogel, Jon Haworth, andSonja Hickey write in #IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT tweet Book01, well-planned and incremental steps can ensure IT personnel face their new challenges with minimal cost, effort and turbulence. The authors demonstrate the role that a strong team, robust processes, leading edge technology and embedded automated play in IT operations management today.

Written by three industry experts with decades of IT experience under their belts, and presented in the digestible, actionable tweet format, #IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT tweet Book01 deserves a spot on every IT manager’s bookshelf.


Book Endorsements and
Advance Praise

“Brilliant format! You’ll read it more than once. A thought-provoking source of meaningful discussion topics. You should pass the book around your group to generate ideas and proactive collaboration. The resulting communication is the true value of the text.”
Mark Laughlin, Former CIO, The Guitar Center

“A fast, insightful read for the IT professional, presented in a unique format. A great distillation of IT best practices that will help focus IT goals and facilitate decision making. It’s also especially useful for the non-IT manager who needs IT support and wants to understand and infl uence the decision making process.”
Thomas Cheng, President, pcAge, Inc.

“IT infrastructure management has never been so critical. All business verticals and IT organizations of all sizes will benefi t from implementing the ideologies and processes discussed throughout this book—simple IT management techniques which are both enlightening and thought provoking for IT professionals at every level.”
Luigi Tiano, Enterprise Management Director, CT Consultants

“The key to successful delivery of Hybrid IT will be collaboration and agreement across organizations, groups, process, and technology, and as such, this view of gaining a common set of principles that can be used for agreement and collaborations, even if they are adjusted specific to the needs of that organization, will be invaluable.”
Mark Potts, HP Fellow & VP of Portfolio Strategy , HP Software

“In order to meet our customer SLAs, we use a monitoring plan that includes infrastructure, application landscape, incident management, and performance benchmarking. This book distills IT Operations Management to the core elements.”
Maryann Phillip, Director of Performance Management, Independence Blue Cross

“The book summarizes years of operations management experience into easy to digest concepts.”
Henry Yam, VP of Enterprise Management, Neuberger Berman


Table of Contents

Section 1: IT and the Business
Section 2: People
Section 3: Process
Section 4: Technology
Section 5: Architecture
Section 6: Performance Management
Section 7: Virtualization
Section 8: Cloud Computing
Section 9: Getting Started


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Managing Your IT Infrastructure In The Age Of Complexity

by Peter Spielvogel, Jon Haworth,
and Sonja Hickey

IT infrastructure is a dynamic, evolving entity. As complexity increases and cloud and virtualized environments become mainstream, IT personnel must build flexibility into their monitoring approach, and be willing to keep their eyes on the ball 24/7. Today, IT needs a management methodology that focuses on integrating business services to the underlying, and frequently changing, IT infrastructure.

Within such a fluid environment, IT managers and directors can no longer expect to continue on an isolated track, monitoring disparate silos independently. Although their prior knowledge of existing IT processes remains valuable, they must be willing to make changes in their approach and response to new situations. Novel best practices have to be embraced. Risk must be mitigated by drawing from and building upon other people’s experiences. To put it into perspective, it does not take a single, major leap to manage a virtualized or cloud-based IT environment. Well-planned and incremental steps can take IT personnel there with minimal cost, effort and turbulence.

Although much has been written and published about new best practices in IT infrastructure management, very little of the writing is immediately actionable, or easy to assimilate into an existing workflow. Which is where #IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT tweet Book01 steps in, to fill a long-standing need.

As the leaders of Product Marketing for the HP Software Operations Center, authors Peter Spielvogel, Jon Haworth, and Sonja Hickey are eminently qualified to articulate their vision for IT architecture management going forward. In #IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT tweet Book01, they reflect on the role that a strong team, robust processes, leading edge technology including automation technology, and embedded automated operations play within his vision.

Today, virtualization and cloud computing are bringing about great change but, as Peter and his team explain, neither is a panacea. Virtualization can come at a great price if inefficient management practices erode savings on hardware, power, and cooling. Cloud computing requires companies to manage, among other things, the availability and performance of the services they purchase from their cloud vendor. IT best practices must be prepared to meet these new challenges, with a clear understanding of the accompanying constraints.

Written by three industry experts with decades of IT experience under their belts, and presented in the digestible, actionable tweet format, this book certainly deserves a spot on every IT manager’s bookshelf.

#IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT tweet Book01 is part of the THiNKaha series whose 112-page books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).


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Here are some of the well-thought-out quotes/tweets you will find in this book:

#11 Measure the return on investment for any new IT Operations tools or initiatives you implement.

#29 Cross-train and rotate team leaders into new domains or projects. This keeps them fresh, brings new ideas, and generates cross-pollination.

#94 Detect application availability and performance issues proactively. Fix them before your customer’s experience degrades.

#101 Correlating events across the virtual/physical boundary is diffi cult. Use an integrated solution to speed troubleshooting and cut MTTR.

#139 Have a clear vision of your goal, but implement in manageable, measurable, incremental steps.

About the Authors


Peter Spielvogel
Peter Spielvogel


Industry expert Peter Spielvogelleads the global Product Marketing team for the HP Operations Center (formerly OpenView Operations) product portfolio. Since starting his career twenty-five years ago developing software for financial services companies, he has held marketing, sales, and product management positions at Fortune 500 companies and several startups. Peter is ITIL v3 Foundation certified. He speaks internationally on IT Operations topics, including virtualization, automation, cloud computing, and consolidated operations. His education includes an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a BS in Engineering from Princeton University. He is based in Silicon Valley, California.

Jon Haworth
Jon Haworth


Jon Haworth leads Product Marketing for the Service and Operations Bridge within the HP Operations Center product portfolio. He has twentyfive years of experience working for HP across a variety of roles including consulting, pre-sales, and marketing. Jon has designed and implemented large-scale infrastructure management solutions for a number of Fortune 1000 enterprises. Jon is an early adopter and continued advocate for ITIL having gained his ITIL v2 Service Manager certifi cation in 1996. He speaks extensively throughout Europe and Asia on the advantages of consolidating IT management. Jon has a BS degree in Computer Sciencefrom Manchester University. He is based outside London in the UK.

Sonja Hickey


Sonja Hickey leads Product Marketing for the instrumentation product lines within the HP Operations Center product portfolio. She has twenty years of product marketing, product management, engineering, and consulting experience with privately-held, startup, and Fortune 500 companies. Sonja is ITIL v3 Foundation certifi ed. She speaks frequently throughout the U.S. about IT management best practices. Sonja’s education includes an MBA from the University of Chicago GSB and BS and MS degrees in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is based near Chicago, Illinois.

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