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Released: January 2013


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Table of Contents

Section I: Engage the Mind
Section II: Engage the Heart
Section III: Engage the Body
Section IV: Engage the Spirit
Section V: The Engaging Job
Section VI: The Engaging Team
Section VII: The Engaging Organization
Section VIII: The Engaging Leader
Section IX: The Engaging Life



#9: The focused mind is free from fear and anxiety because we target our attention. We do not question our thoughts or delay our actions.

#34: Emotions have important functions and can even save your life, yet they often spiral out of control when not understood.

#63: Faith in a purpose beyond the self removes the ego and allows us to engage in shared goals. We desire to contribute.

#111: Successful organizations focus on ways to help employees connect and grow with the organization. They focus on mutual need fulfillment.

#123: Connecting the purpose of the employee, the team, the organization, and the world is the craft of the engaging leader.


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#ENGAGE tweet Book01

How Leaders Bring More Energy into Work and Life

by Maryann Baumgarten, PhD and Lisa Smith

Foreword by Alexandra Levit

Today’s unfortunate reality, for millions of people, is that work is simply a have-to-do that pays the bills and gets in the way of doing what they really care about. This results in people becoming disengaged and disconnected from their organizations and colleagues. But what if employees could be made to see the big picture, the connection between their own efforts, and the success of their organizations? What if people could be made to feel a sense of purpose at work and to thereby become committed, sincere, loyal, and happy participants in a team effort?

Authors Maryann Baumgarten and Lisa Smith know that we all feel engaged when we care and connect to something larger than ourselves. They realize that even though so many of us see work as a time- and energy-sucking drain, a few shifts in organizational behavior and direction can turn that perspective on its head. Their new book, #ENGAGE tweet: How Leaders Bring More Energy into Work and Life, contains 140 actionable pieces of wisdom that employers and senior managers can start using today to make people engaged and connected with their work and workplaces.

#ENGAGE tweet focuses on bringing clarity to the work environment by answering several fundamental questions. What needs are being fulfilled through work? Conversely, what needs are as yet unmet? How does any employee be made to feel more balanced and connected to their true motivations? Finally, how can any employee realize that they can indeed change their circumstances to make work engaging, meaningful, and fun?

For any employer who has grappled with the issue of discontentment at work, or for any employee who would like to turn around their workdays to make them pleasurable and meaningful, #ENGAGE tweet is an actionable book that will engage mind and spirit, to bring about positive realignment and empowerment.

#ENGAGE tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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About the Authors


Maryann Baumgarten, PhD
Maryann Baumgarten, PhD


Maryann Baumgarten helps leaders engage the talents of their organizations in Silicon Valley and around the world. By working alongside executives for over a decade, Maryann has personally experienced the pain of seeing gifted professionals and brilliant organizational vision fail to align. She provides immense value by bridging this gap with evidence-based solutions and deep expertise in human motivation. Maryann holds an AA in Social Science, a BS in Human Services, an MA in Organizational Management and Development, another MA in Human Development, and a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems.

Visit Maryann at LitUpLeadership.com.

Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith


Lisa Smith has been lighting up Silicon Valley for over a decade. Through event planning and spiritual healing, Lisa creates amazing experiences for individuals and groups that transform and inspire. Her work centers on connecting with the heart and spirit of each individual and business she works with to help facilitate alignment and support the successful execution of any venture they pursue. Lisa has earned a rock solid reputation for moving people past their barriers and into their ideal life.

Visit Lisa at AA2R.com (An Affair 2 Remember: Unforgettable Corporate Events).