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Table of Contents

Section I: Never Forget the Basics
Section II: Know Your Customers
Section III: Profile Your Accounts
Section IV: Nurture Your Leads
Section V: Engage and Involve
Section VI: Communicate Right!
Section VII: Training and Quality



#7: Demand generation is both a science and an art. With practice, you can get better at both of them.

#35: If you really want to win, you need to know customers better than they know themselves.

#85: The more you invest in the education of people who are calling out, the better your response rates.

#102: Deep listening puts you in the present, connects you to your prospect, and opens new possibilities.

#137: Train your salespeople to be thoughtful. Your clients and prospects will appreciate dealing with thoughtful salespeople.


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140 Insights on Powering Your Sales Pipeline

by Gaurav Kumar

Every few years, there comes along a product or service that so elegantly and uniquely fills a market void that it requires no marketing effort and generates its own demand. The vast majority of products or services on the market, however, require significant demand generation efforts. This explains the flood of how-to books on lead generation, maintaining a healthy sales pipeline, or robust marketing strategies.

In the veritable flood of consultants offering expertise on how to generate demand, keep pipelines full, or retain clients, only a few come across as true experts–sharing wisdom and tips that are practical, applicable, and worth the read. #DEMAND GENERATION tweet is one such book–a voice that stands apart from the crowd. Written by a serial entrepreneur who walks his talk, the book is a compilation of 140 true and tested insights that will help you rev up your sales pipeline, both in the long and short terms.

Gaurav Kumar starts with the essentials, fully aware that they are the foundation on which all further knowledge will rest. These include knowing and profiling customers, nurturing leads, engaging with all relevant stakeholders, and communicating fully, honestly, and clearly. What makes the book a must-read is that the author shares his own practical insights, gleaned from decades of experience, on what it takes to master the demand generation game. For the most part, the book is prescriptive, but it also points out common missteps, places where even veteran strategists are likely to slip. It’s just one of the little extras that make this book a worthy read.

Sales and business development leaders, marketing strategists, business analysts, business owners, and C-level executives will all benefit immediately from reading this book, and yet a sales newbie will also be able to visualize the big picture on demand generation. If your charter is to boost your sales pipeline, whether individually or as part of a group effort, then you will surely benefit from #DEMAND GENERATION tweet.

#DEMAND GENERATION tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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“Gaurav Kumar has been a friend and guide. I have learnt a lot from him as I have seen him grow and nurture his creations with passion, energy, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit. Kumar’s insight into what it takes to grow a business—the entire chain of not forgetting the basics to knowing your customers to training and quality—-almost seems like the Apple story! Kumar gets it and is willing to share his success story in an easy-to-read, practical, and pragmatic manner!”

– Piyush Singh, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Great American Insurance

#DEMAND GENERATION tweet contains concepts that are core to demand generation. Built on several successful years of demand generation experience, Gaurav alludes to simple but powerful concepts that can drive sales productivity and overwhelming customer success!”

– Anubhav Saxena, Vice President & Global Head, HCL

#DEMAND GENERATION tweet reviews what every sales and marketing professional needs to know about how and where to find customers. This book is filled with practical ideas that can increase sales results. In a loud, chaotic world, these ideas can help a sales professional find his or her voice.”

– Bryce Hayes, Senior Vice President of North America Sales and Client Services, HGS Inc.

“I was a client of Kumar’s at a previous company. He heard ‘No’ or ‘Not now’ many times. But, when the need arose, he was the first one I called to say ‘Yes.’ The principles in this book explain why. The format is perfect for today’s business world; guaranteed you’ll have at least a couple ‘aha’ moments. I certainly did.”

– Curtis F. McCosh, Vice President, Millbrook Inc.

“Gaurav Kumar gives practical and insightful advice that goes to the heart of nurturing and growing any business. Rather than suggesting gimmicks, he focuses on the things that deliver long-term: caring for customers, being prepared and proactive, and conducting business in an ethical manner.”

– Deepa Prahalad, Strategist, Co-author, Predictable Magic: Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business (Wharton School Press)

About the Author


Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar


Gaurav Kumar is a well-recognized demand generation expert. He is currently the founder and CEO of Beyond Codes, which offers demand generation, account profiling, and contact discovery services for several high-profile companies in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Under his leadership, Beyond Codes builds aggregate pipelines, worth several hundred million dollars for its clients.

A serial entrepreneur, Kumar is also the founder of Entertainment Ecosystem Inc, one of the leading online radio stations targeted at the South Asian diaspora. He has been associated with various TiE chapters for over 15 years and is currently part of Executive Council of TiE Southern California. He is a sought after speaker on demand generation.

Kumar holds an MBA in General Management. He loves to travel; play golf socially; and spend time with his beautiful 3-year-old daughter, Bani.