Videos from Marianne Roux Discussing the Sections of Her Book,

Knowing Your Superpowers Is the Key to Your Success in a Changing World

This book will help you have a deep understanding of your own mindsets, behaviours and habits and how to shift them to help you thrive in the new world of work. Mindsets like curiosity, agility, and growth spell the difference between an average and a successful individual and team. Behaviours like healthy self-awareness, positive and clear relationships and grit, positivity, and resilience can turn you into someone who thrives on change and challenge.

Section I – The World of Work Is Changing, and YOU Need to Change with It

Section II – Superpower 01: Having a Growth Mindset

Section III – Superpower 02: Building Grit

Section IV – Superpower 03: Becoming More Self-Aware

Section V – Superpower 04: Leveraging Emotional Agility and Positivity

Section VI – Superpower 05: Becoming More Focused

Section VII – Superpower 06: Having Clear Relationships and Communication

Section VIII – Maintaining Personal Agility

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