The IGI Principles


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Table of Contents

Section I: Inviting Good In VS Edging Good Out
Section II: The Power of Gratitude
Section III: The Power of Forgiveness
Section IV: Living Up To Your Moral Fiber and Choosing To Do The Right Thing
Section V: The Power of Being of Service and Paying It Forward
Section VI: Letting Go and Turning Things Over to Trust
Section VII: The Power of Daily Inventory and Course Correction – The 4 B’s
Section VIII: The Power of Breath, Prayer, and Meditation








The IGI Principles

The Power of Inviting Good In vs Edging Good Out

by Steve Rodgers

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders today are seeking to bring a deeper Spiritual Intelligence and a greater consciousness into their business so as to benefit not just themselves and their customers, but the world as a whole.  We all desire to do work in the world that is successful, profitable, and guided and informed by our deepest values. However, it can be challenging for ambitious, action-oriented business leaders to balance maximizing profits while also nurturing their deeper purpose.

The IGI Principles gives grounded, practical advice and guidance on how business owners and leaders can run a wildly successful company while also staying true to their moral principles and contributing to a better world for all.

Central to accomplishing this is the concept of choosing IGI over egoInviting Good In instead of Edging Good Out. This is the practice of opening oneself up to taking action from a place of deep inner alignment with the greater good and with their Spiritual Intelligence rather than from a strictly materially focused consciousness.

Learning the IGI principles and remembering to stay in their own state of IGI, is a practice that all individuals can engage in – whether they be solo entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees, or anyone seeking deeper fulfillment.  Making small changes in one’s inner orientation will have a powerful and deep effect on their entrepreneurial success as well as personal fulfillment. By inviting God and goodness into one’s business endeavors, space is provided for everyone – whether they be employees, clients, or customers – to experience great creativity, harmony, and success.

This book shares essential elements of the IGI formula such as forgiveness, gratitude, morality, service, and trust.  It explains how they can be expressed in your personal and professional life and why they are essential for success.  It also explores how simple practices such as accountability tracking, breath, prayer, and meditation can be utilized within a business setting to increase happiness and productivity of everyone in the organization and help a business find and stay aligned with its deepest purpose as well as continue to drive ever-increasing profits.

These principles and strategies apply to all forms of professional work, whether the individual is a solopreneur, the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, or an employee in a company of any size.  Essentially, these are universal principles and truths that are for anyone looking to better themselves and find harmony and balance in their inner and outer worlds. The reader will also learn about the trackable and measurable daily 4 pillars of Body, Bonds, Being, & Business; and how they can become healthy and abundant in all of them so as to achieve their highest good in business and in life.

In The IGI Principles, Steve Rodgers brings his expertise on business leadership as the CEO and leader of multiple large, successful companies as well as the experiences of his own spiritual journey to guide the reader on how they can “do well by doing good” and invite a true Spiritual Intelligence into their personal and professional lives.

He helps the reader understand that spiritual principles and a deeper consciousness are essential to evolving to one’s highest good in business and in life, and he masterfully guides the reader on just how to accomplish this in their own life path. This is accomplished not just through the traditional book format, but also with bonus elements in each chapter containing detailed videos and social media-ready content to help greater spread positivity in the world!


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About the Author


Steve Rodgers
Steve Rodgers


Steve Rodgers is a former Warren Buffet CEO who experienced a radical spiritual transformation that has evolved into a new mission as a purpose-driven consultant and entrepreneur coach, in-demand international keynote speaker, and bestselling author.

Steve specializes in helping business owners and leaders increase profits while bringing spiritual intelligence into every aspect of their personal and professional lives to invite in success, fulfillment, and abundance beyond their wildest dreams.

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