Put the Power of Google+ to Work for Your Business Today!

Social Media Coach and Corporate Trainer, therapist Janet Fouts, sildenafil Shows You How to Leverage the Ultimate Social Media Platform for Your Business Success in a new THiNKaha book, apoplexy #GOOGLE+ for BUSINESS tweet.

Has the buzz about Google+ got you wondering what you might be missing? Do you find yourself brushing Google+ off as simply another social networking site, one of many out there? If you answered yes to either question, Janet Fout’s new book, #GOOGLE+ for BUSINESS tweet, is a much awaited addition to your library. Published by THiNKaha, this new release offers practical actionable guidance that will enable businesses to maximize the potential of Google+ as part of their strategic plans.

As Janet explains, the buzz around Google+ is fully deserved. Much more than simply another social media platform, Google+ is conceived to revolutionize the way you ideate, plan, and act. It is designed to help you connect not only with friends and family but also with complete strangers, enabling contribution and collaboration. Used judiciously, Google+ is a powerful tool to widen your professional reach and leverage the powers of the crowd and cloud. Mark Ivey, Partner of The ION Group, endorses the lessons in Janet’s latest book wholeheartedly. In his words, “If you’ve been holding back from Google+, take heart – Janet will steer you through the Google+ jungle with this very readable, engaging, and surprisingly comprehensive guide.”

In #GOOGLE+ for BUSINESS tweet, Janet walks you through the gamut of Google+ tools and techniques. Starting with tips on creating a compelling profile, she explains hangouts, circles, and more before tying it all together with proven techniques for developing a coherent Google+ strategy. She provides broad, high-level guidance as well as pointed and specific tips. Here is an example of the former, taken from the book: tip, or “aha,” #3 reads, Are you a thought leader in your industry? Build some circles to share with and create your own personal platform to speak to a whole new audience. And aha #28 provides some very actionable and specific advice: Vary your content. Pictures and videos are shared the most but you must have something to say, too…don’t you? Express yourself.

Praise for the book has been pouring in from many quarters. Miranda Marquit, also a Happy About author, loved it. She says, “Janet Fouts has created a useful handbook for using Google+ to charge your business. Google+ is fast becoming a must-have in the world of online community and Janet shows you how to use it to the best advantage for your business. A great read for any business owner who wants to build a successful online community.”

With wisdom and guidance from the broadest generalizations to the tiniest details, #GOOGLE+ for BUSINESS tweet is for the astute professional who recognizes the strategic and tactical value of putting Google+ to work for professional and personal gain.

About the Author:

Janet Fouts is a social media coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. Her books, Social Media Success!, #SOCIALMEDIA PR tweet and #SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet draw on over 15 years of experience in online marketing and social media, working in the trenches with businesses of all sizes. Janet is uniquely positioned to teach you how to deploy Google+ for personal and professional success. She has been deeply involved in online community since the early 1990s, creating vibrant communities and digital marketing strategies on the leading edge of technology.

Janet leads an intrepid team of specialists in the Social Media Coaching Center, all dedicated to making social media approachable for businesses and individuals. In addition to public speaking and her social media coaching practice, Janet is CEO of Tatu Digital Media, a San Jose, California, based inbound marketing agency.

About THiNKaha®:

THiNKaha, an imprint of Happy About®, is a leader in timely, cutting-edge books and mobile applications from relevant experts that provide valuable information in a fun, Twitter-brief format for a fast-paced world.  Every book in the THiNKaha series is a slim, handy volume, which consists of 140 quotes of timely, practical advice, or wisdom. Presented in tweet format, each “aha” is 140 characters or less. These bite-sized words of wisdom span a number of subjects and interests. Titles include: #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet, #TEAMWORK tweet, #LEADERSHIP tweet, #PROJECT MANAGEMENT tweet, and more. 

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TITLE: #GOOGLE+ for BUSINESS tweet Book01
SUBTITLE: Put the Power of Google+ to Work for Your Business
AUTHOR: Janet Fouts
PRICE: Paperback $19.95, eBook $14.95

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-61699-072-5 (1-61699-072-4)
ISBN: eBook: 978-1-61699-073-2 (1-61699-073-2)

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