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Table of Contents

Section I: Effective Corporate Governance
Section II: Creating Value with Corporate Governance
Section III: Overcoming Misperceptions and Resistance to Corporate Governance
Section IV: Encouraging Corporate Governance within Your Organization
Section V: Motivating Board Members and Executives to Implement Corporate Governance
Section VI: Having an Effective System of Internal Controls
Section VII: A Risk-Based Approach to Corporate Governance and Internal Controls
Section VIII: Value-added Benefits of Corporate Governance and Internal Controls
Section IX: Implementing Corporate Governance and Internal Controls over Financial Reporting
Section X: Why Pursue “Quality”?



#4: A company with CG is legitimate. A company without CG appears weak, shady, or “fly by night.”

#29: Benchmarking and profitability can be mandated under effective CG policies. No profits = no excuses and no loopholes.

#42: Recognize that bylaws are generally the “teeth” that give the board “bite.”

#91: Identifying risks in your company’s financial reporting starts with what you know best: how your business works.

#131: “Quality” is easy to claim, but it is only attained when results and outputs are achieved by measurable integrity and accountability.

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How Corporate Governance
Adds Value to Your Business

by Brad Beckstead, CPA, CISA, CRISC

Foreword by S. Sam Berde, CPA

CPA Brad Beckstead has multiple perspectives and insights into corporate governance from both private and public entity perspectives. As a CPA and SOX consultant specializing in smaller company audits and SEC compliance, he knows how important it is for auditors and regulators to have clear and uncompromising views into a company’s internal control system. At the same time, he understands how difficult–and tricky–it can be for smaller companies to remain in constant compliance, especially within the shifting sands of bureaucracy and regulation. Brad is also keenly aware of the fact that hyper-regulation impacts a company’s ability to keep its eye on the bottom line, and can occasionally put the corporate entity itself into jeopardy.

In #CORPORATE GOVERNANCE tweet, Brad condenses all of his professional experience and expertise into wisdom that can be deployed by smaller companies today. In simple language that even a layman can assimilate and appreciate, coupled with the quick-to-action tweet format, Brad explains what corporate governance means and how to effectively implement it for the benefit of the organization. He covers the design, implementation, and testing of a system of internal controls that will work for both private and public entities over both short and long term periods of time. He explains how corporate compliance impacts senior executives, shareholders, managers, customers, and other stakeholders such as the community, vendors, and contractors.

The author’s broad and deep knowledge and first-hand experience speak clearly to readers of his slim yet handy volume. The reader comes away with a lucid understanding of how corporate governance and effective systems of internal controls must be deployed in order to protect the best interests of the company and its stakeholders.

#CORPORATE GOVERNANCE tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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“Corporate governance basics in Twitter bits. Quick reference. Worth a look.”

– Ragu Bhargava, CEO, Global Upside, Inc.

“An informative, yet very entertaining read. It’s worth reading for any board member or officer looking to get up to speed on the corporate governance rules and strategies. The layout makes it a quick read and one that you can pick up, flip to any page, and get a quick tip or two that can be implemented immediately.”

– Jason Griffith, CPA, Marketing Partner, De Joya Griffith & Co.

“A quick, factual, easy read that gives what you need most…just the facts.”

– Garry Michael Kann, CEO and Managing Director, Capital Markets Group at Mosaic Capital LLC

“Note the author’s decision to end a book on governance with a section on quality. Now that’s an ‘aha’ moment.”

– Mark Sickles, Chairman and CEO, Mark W. Sickles, LLC

About the Author


Brad Beckstead
Brad Beckstead


Brad Beckstead specializes in audits, corporate governance, and internal control design and implementation for smaller public companies. He is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and is Certified in Risk and Internal Systems Controls (CRISC). Brad is Audit Partner and SOX specialist at L.L. Bradford & Company, CPAs in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the former Managing Partner at Beckstead and Watts, LLP, an audit firm that won a case in 2010 before the Supreme Court against the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Brad has trained numerous U.S. and China-based companies on the effective design, implementation, and testing of internal control systems in accordance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. He has also conducted training programs for Sun Microsystems during the rollout of their virtual office concept. In 2006, Brad was named one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Accountants” by Accounting Today, an accounting trade journal.

Brad created corporate governance, internal control, and accounting policies and procedures templates, which are bundled and sold on his website, SOX404lite.com.