The Unofficial Potter Way of Solving Problems


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Table of Contents

Section I: Fear/Bravery
Section II: Anger/Understanding
Section III: Rudeness/Honour
Section IV: Lying/Honesty
Section V: Bullying/Friendship
Section VI: Greed/Sharing
Section VII: Jealousy/Forgiveness



The Unofficial Potter Way of Solving Problems

How the Harry Potter Books Teach Us to Deal with Difficult Situations

by Olivia Kashti

This book explores the ways that difficulties are overcome in the Harry Potter books. As the children grow into young adults throughout the series, the range of issues they face changes with them. The lessons from earlier years deal with bullying in school, difficult teachers, untrustworthy people, and standing up to your friends. As the books progress and the Dark Arts become more prominent, the characters are forced to face harder choices: determining whether it is okay to defy authority in certain situations, choosing between good and evil, and deciding between self-preservation and the good of others.

Since this book is aimed at children, the lessons are not too intense, but they are still good reminders that the choices you make define who you are as a person. The book’s various sections begin with the smaller struggles and work up to the bigger ones. Many characters in Harry Potter make decisions that are the best for themselves and others. Hopefully, this will inspire a range of diverse readers of all different ages and personalities that they, too, can be inspired to deal with difficult situations and do well by following the examples of the characters we see in Harry Potter.

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About the Author


Olivia Kashti
Olivia Kashti


Olivia Kashti is a master’s graduate, originally from Oxford, England. She now resides in Edinburgh, where she works as a Harry Potter Tour Guide. Here, she has led thousands around the streets of Edinburgh, feeding them Harry Potter facts specific to the city, otherwise unknown. Olivia has always been a passionate writer, and her first degree in English literature helped develop this love of hers. Further studies in conflict resolution led her to see the benefit of written advice and help to those willing to seek it.

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