Maximize Your Leadership Influence


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Table of Content

Section I: Speech, Credibility, and Influence
Section II: Why Expertise Is Not Enough
Section III: #ExecutivePresence
Section IV: Verbal: Choosing the Right Words
Section V: Vocal: The Sound of a True Leader
Section VI: Visual: The Look of a Leader
Section VII: Authenticity and Impact: Connecting with Your Audience


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Maximize Your Leadership Influence

Command the Room, Connect with Your Audience, Close the Deal!

by Laura Sicola, PhD

Let’s face it: Leadership is more than a role, it’s an image, and the way that you communicate — to anyone and everyone — will either reinforce your leadership image in their mind, or sabotage it. You’ve heard the expression, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” The truth is: if you want to be a master of influence, it’s both.

When you speak, does your message paint a clear picture and concisely get to the point? Does it showcase your expertise and get through to the listener’s ears, mind and heart? Does your delivery completely captivate them, or do they just feel like they are being held captive? Most importantly, does your delivery inspire people to get on board with your vision?

If your answer isn’t “yes” to all of the above, this is the fast-track handbook to launch you to successfully conquering Dr. Laura Sicola’s Three Cs: Command the room, Connect with your audience and Close the deal, and becoming a Master of Influence.

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About the Author


Laura Sicola, PhD
Laura Sicola, PhD


Dr. Laura Sicola is a professional speaker and leadership communication coach, and the founder of Vocal Impact Productions in Philadelphia, PA. She is known for her coaching and live on-camera trainings that turn C-level executives and other leaders into master influencers who get to yes and close the deal.

Her mission is to help people project their best leadership image; create loyal, effective teams; and establish their ideal corporate culture by mastering “The 3Cs” of Vocal Executive Presence: to Command the room, Connect with the audience, and Close the deal.

Dr. Sicola recognizes that executive presence and strong leadership communication skills are fundamental to success regardless of one’s formal role or position. In 20 years of coaching, lecturing, researching and publishing, she has spoken to audiences in the US, Egypt, Japan, Spain, China and Germany, and has worked with clients and students from around the world. She is a coach for the TED Fellows program and works with clients such as Comcast, Chubb, Wikimedia, Independence Blue Cross, Boston Scientific, the US Department of Commerce, IBM, and Women Against Abuse.

She earned her PhD in educational linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania where she also was faculty from 2001-2013.

Watch her TED talk: “Want to sound like a Leader? Start by saying your name right.


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