How to Crowdsource Your THiNKaha Book with Us

  1. Read the THiNKaha Writing Guidelines and answer the six questions to get a THiNKaha Elite book published, or answer the four questions to get an AHAthat book published:
  2. Submit the six- or four-questions document to and wait for our response before starting. We guarantee we’ll talk with you whether we want to publish your book or not.
    • If we decide to publish your book, we’ll send you a contract. You’ll need to review, update, and sign it.
    • For THiNKaha Elite books, after you return your signed contract, we’ll use the six-questions document to create a metadata file that is used to build your book’s THiNKaha webpage as well as using it to populate Amazon and other locations we list your book.
  3. Generate five to 10 questions you’d like to ask others to focus their efforts contributing to your book. Send those questions to and we’ll create a Google form that you can you use to send to others
  4. After you have collected 150+ contributions, you then need to consolidate them into 140 and put them into the form we’ve designed to accept input. For THiNKaha Elite books, you’ll also need to…
    • Share the table of contents and five to 10 ahas with folks you would like to enlist to write testimonials.
    • Create the acknowledgements, dedication, and “Why I Wrote This Book” section and submit all material to get published.

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