When it comes to Webinars, everyone would like to have a “Guru” presentation. It is, however, not necessary for every presenter to spend the time and money necessary to create such a Webinar. In order to measure the perceived impact of a Webinar, we look at both the quality of the content presented and the way it was delivered.

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  • Content quality is the evaluation of the presenters understanding of the subject for the audience they are presenting to.
  • Content delivery involves the notion of delivering the content in the form that the audience wants to process it: auditorially, visually and kinesthetically.

Focusing on both content quality and content delivery will allow the presenter to bring their Webinars from “Basic” to “Guru”:


A “Basic” webinar has OK delivery and OK quality. A “talking head” presentation typically falls in this category. There is nothing wrong with a “Basic” Webinar as speed of delivery allows the message to be communicated quickly.


An “Expert” webinar has great quality of content, but only uses one form of delivery well (e.g. a business audience may find it boring). For a technical audience, having “Expert” content quality is much better than an “Engaging” person that appears salesy.


An “Engaging” webinar does all forms of content delivery well, but needs help fine-tuning the quality of the content to the audience. This is a webinar that really captures the attendee, but doesn’t deliver a strong content quality punch. For a typical business audience, one can argue that an “Engaging” webinar is better than an “Expert” one.


A “Guru” webinar utilizes all three forms of content delivery and great content quality. In short, an “Engaging” “Expert” delivers a “Guru” performance.



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